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  1. Multiple Subwoofers vs One; What are the benefits?

    Multi Sub Systems

    Why go multiple subwoofers?

    There has been a lot of discussion on AV forums about the concept of running multiple subwoofers with a bit of confusion created about the reason why.

    We all know that one friend that just loves having their big sub turned up loud and thumping throughout their house, which isn't a bad thing if you're really into your bass.
    For those looking to get the best from their home theatre or Hi-Fi set up, having multiple smaller subwoofers can be a great upgrade to consider.

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  2. Bowers & Wilkins now available from Selby!

    Bowers & Wilkins at Selby

    We are thrilled to announce that Bowers & Wilkins are now available from Selby including the new 600 series and 700 series!

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  3. Outdoor Speaker Setups - Expand Your Sound For Summer!

    Summer is almost upon us! Bring on the “Silly Season”, filled with long summer nights, school holidays and the never ending stream of friends and family popping over for BBQ’s and beer
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  4. Selby invites you to the launch of high-end French speaker brand "Triangle"


    French high-end speaker manufacturer Triangle have been designing and assembling speakers for over 35 years. Known for their precision and craftsmanship, Triangle select materials of the highest quality to ensure a distinctive musicality.

    Selby Acoustics are excited to be adding the Triangle brand into our range, including the Elara, Esprit, Signature models and Thetis & Tales subwoofers to compliment these models.

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  5. Wall Mounting Your TV


    There are great benefits to mounting your television on the wall. Not only will you have more space in the room, but you can also avoid the expense of buying furniture just to sit your television on.

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  6. Got a Budding Musician or YouTube Star in the Family?

    Focusrite's new 2nd-generation "Scarlett" USB audio interfaces let you record and playback audio from input devices (microphones, musical instruments etc) directly to your PC or Mac, which will dramatically improve your sound quality to the same level as a professional recording studio.

    The included software (Pro Tools First & Ableton Live Lite) lets you easily edit your recordings to a professional level right in your own home. From the great value starter pack right through to the high-end model (rack mountable with 18-in and 20-out), there is something for everyone from beginner to pro!

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  7. Pedestal Speaker Stands

    Getting your speakers set up right can be tricky, and knowing where and how to place the different types can sometimes be challenging. Pedestal stands are ideal for placing bookshelf speakers on, because they allow your speakers to be lifted off the floor. Often used as the rear speakers in a 5.1, 7.1, 9.1 or alternate setup, pedestal stands position these speakers at a height better suited to your listening experience.

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  8. "Gamesters" Headsets - Xbox, PS3, PS4, PC, Laptops

    These "Gamesters" headsets are lightweight and feature comfortable ear cups with soft padding. They are also perfect for other applications such as recording podcasts, making Skype calls or listening to music, which makes them pretty versatile.

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  9. Watch the Grand Final on your own BIG projector screen

    Where will you be the first weekend in October? Whichever code of footy you follow, wouldn’t it be great to have all your mates around watching it on your big screen. By installing a projector package with a screen anywhere from 80 inches to 150 inches, the whole neighbourhood can come over to watch.

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  10. Have you mounted your TV yet?

    Have you mounted your television on the wall yet? If not, why not? There are great benefits of mounting your television on the wall. Not only will you have more space in the room, but you can also avoid the expense of buying furniture just to sit your television on.

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