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DALI is a premium residential loudspeaker manufacturer from Denmark with over 35 years of experience of manufacturing high-performance loudspeakers. Born from the market need for a variety of size, shape, performance and price in audio speakers, they’ve spent the last three decades perfecting what the market now expects as the standard in audio technology; a clean, natural sound with a viable price tag.

DALI speakers feature advanced SMC technology (Advanced Soft Magnetic Compound technology) which reduces sound colouration, giving the audience the perception the artist is present in the room.

DALI’s subwoofers were designed in-house by their skilled development team. They’ve built the latest generation of wood fibre cones. All models have been through their new cone impregnation process and coated in their innovative post-assembly coating.

The hybrid tweeter module is a DALI trademark and combines the dome tweeter with the ribbon tweeter from the RUBICON series to perfectly render the high frequencies.

DALI’s speakers boast extremely low signal loss from their custom-built drivers. They’re able to tailor an exact crossover that ensures signal loss is close to zero.

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