Speaker quality is undoubtedly the most important feature of a home theatre. A proper hifi speaker system can completely transform your home cinema experience or music experience. Selby offers all of the top speaker brands, such as Krix, Polk, and Bowers & Wilkins, to bring you only the best technology in hifi audio. Complete speaker systems are the best option for building your audio system from scratch, as they are cost-effective and include a variety of speaker types for optimal sound development and seamless compatibility. Integrative audio packages are also available that include receivers or amplifiers, and even turntables, so your audio system is ready to use once installed.
A wide variety of individual speakers are available for creating a unique sound system or adding to your current system. If you are creating a speaker set from scratch, it is highly recommended to utilize speakers suited for both high and low frequencies to get a fully developed sound quality. Floor standing speakers generally have a louder bass than bookshelf speakers, and a subwoofer is always recommended for surround sound systems. For cinematic movie experiences, a soundbar is recommended to enhance verbal and centered audio signals.