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Selby offers a wide range of HDMI cables to suit all of your electronic system needs. Often a necessity for a home theatre or gaming system, these cables are universal for all HDMI uses. HDMI, or high definition media interface, is the most convenient way to transmit electronic signals, as it can transmit both audio and visual information via a pure and uncompressed digital connection. This makes it highly useful for audiovisual connections such as a bluray player or gaming console to a TV or monitor, saving time and cable space. However, this type of cable may not be necessary if your audio and visual outputs are separate. They also may lose connection quality over long distances, and an HDMI extender is highly recommended for cables running over 30 metres. Browse cords connecting to DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI Micro and HDMI Mini, as well as male to female cables. Available lengths range from 50 cm up to 30 metres. For high quality, durable HDMI cables, browse Ugly Cable or Selby premium active cords, offering 1080p high speed with ethernet connections. Or, for a quick fix, there are a variety of affordable cables offering 1080p 3D connections as well.

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