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Bookshelf Speakers

Bookshelf speakers, also known as stand mount speakers, provide detailed, hifi sound in a compact, convenient module that can be placed on any shelf or stand. These speakers do not produce high bass levels due to their small size, so they are recommended for use with a subwoofer or larger floor standing speaker. Available designs are 2 way and 3 way; 2 way speakers are the most common, featuring a tweeter to produce high frequencies, and a mid/bass driver to produce all other frequencies. A 3 way design features separate mid range and bass components to produce a more developed, accurate sound. 3 way speakers have more defined mid range sound, rather than louder bass, as a small bookshelf speaker will still not produce as much bass as its larger counterparts.
The port location of the speaker will impact where it can be placed in your home. Rear-ported speakers should not be placed against a wall, as this could lead to air vibrations. Front-ported and sealed speakers can be placed anywhere; the choice of port location is purely based on aesthetics, and does not impact audio quality. In terms of crossover, most bookshelf speakers use a bridging pin design, which is a metal strip that joins the crossover components into one wire. The bridging pin is removable to allow for bi-wiring, which avoids cross talk, or component leakage, and allows for separate amplifiers to be used for each speaker component. 
Choose from top brands producing the highest edge sound technology, such as Krix, Polk, Triangle, Bowers & Wilkins, and JBL.  


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