Centre Speakers

Centre speakers are a valuable component to any home audio system, and are vital to produce a quality home cinema experience. Compact horizontal designs allow these speakers to be easily placed in front of the TV or below a projector screen, to provide the most direct and detailed sound and amplification. These speakers are designed to produce clear, center-oriented vocals to accompany movies and TV more so than music. A dedicated centre speaker also provides volume convenience, as you can alter the volume of the vocals and dialog independently from the rest of the speaker system.
Brands like Krix, Polk, JBL, and Scansonic HD offer high-end speaker quality with customisation designs and colours. This ensures that your speaker will integrate beautifully within your home theatre for years to come. Our large speaker selection includes paper and poly cone types, as well as multiple cone sizes and max power options, to provide you with the speaker that suits your home, and your budget. 
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