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Your source for all music and instrument related Stands. These are perfect for setting up a Studio, Home Theatre and other related set ups. From Guitar Stands to Keyboard Stands to Music Sheet Stands, all items are taken into account here. There is a wide range of Stands on offer and these include an Electric Guitar Stand, Extendable Microphone Stand, Mini Stands, Adjustable Music Sheet Stand and also an Adjustable Padded Bench Seat. As you can see all areas are covered. Stands that hold multiple Guitars are certainly available too, from 3-7 Guitars can be held. Packs feature in this category as well, a 4 Pack of Universal Guitar Stands and a 4 Pack of Music Sheet Stands are two that are included. If you want to hang your Guitar on a wall you can with our Wall Hangers, some which are adjustable. A Carry Bag is on offer which will fit appropriate Stands.

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