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Audio Vibration Isolation Devices

Browse a variety of devices designed to provide audio vibration isolation. Vibration isolators are commonly used to improve the sound quality of a hifi speaker system. They reduce excess energy from the system by absorbing vibrations produced by the speaker; they are extremely effective for low frequency speakers such as subwoofers. This includes a variety of anti vibration feet and mounts for speakers and audio equipment. These are small vibration isolators that can be easily placed under your speakers and remain virtually invisible. Some models, such as the IsoAcoustics series, are designed as small rubber discs, suitable for carpet, wood, or tile flooring, as well as bookshelf speakers. IsoAcoustics also offers support plates or pads that cover the entire surface under the speaker, as well as larger isolation stands. Others feature small cones or spikes that are ideal for carpet or rugs. 

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