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The zaZen isolation platforms are the latest addition to the award-winning family of isolation products from IsoAcoustics. The zaZen provides a stable isolation platform with a low noise floor, designed for turntables and audio components.


Experience a moment of zaZen

zaZen (sitting meditation) is a stable isolation platform from IsoAcoustics. zaZen is designed for turntables, tube amps and other sensitive audio equipment. The combination of the platform mass and the integrated IsoAcoustics isolation technology allows your audio gear to reveal greater acoustic clarity and detail. The zaZen II has a weight capacity of 18.1kg.

The name zaZen is from Zen Buddhism and refers to sitting in peaceful meditation. zaZen features an elegant medium gloss black finish over a dense fibre construction to provide the ideal combination of visual and acoustic design to complete the IsoAcoustics platform. The platform is very dense and contains no voids or hollow areas, making it an ideal material for the isolation platform.

Discover what you’ve been missing…

Key Features:
- Weight capacity of 18.1kg
- Dimensions (WxD): 432 x 381 mm
- Dense fibre construction with no hollow areas
- Integrated IsoAcoustics isolators
- Elegant medium gloss black finish
- Allows turntables to reach their full potential

Support your turntable

Navigating the tiny variations in the vinyl’s groove, the turntable stylus is a delicate instrument. Problems occur at higher volumes, footsteps cause the record to skip, but what is often overlooked are the finer details that are missing or distorted as a result of vibrations. The zaZen provides a stable platform with a low noise floor that allows turntables to reach their full potential without interference from structure-borne vibrations, revealing a new level of detail and clarity.

It's not just about turntables, however. Tube amplifiers and other sensitive audio equipment will also benefit from being positioned on the zaZen stand and decoupled from unwanted vibrations.


IsoAcoustics patented isolation technology

One of the most important components of this platform is the integrated isolators which use IsoAcoustics patented isolation technology. The combination of the mass from the dense platform with the integrated isolators creates a high degree of isolation, allowing turntables and electronic components to perform at their best, revealing greater acoustic clarity and detail.


Which zaZen model?

The zaZen model should be selected based on the weight they will be supporting. The zaZen II is recommended for turntables and components weighing up to 18.1kg. It is also important to ensure that your component can fit on top of the zaZen platform which measures 432 x 381 mm. For heavier turntables and components, we recommend the DELOS series.

IsoAcoustics Online Calculator
IsoAcoustics has now made it even easier for you to find the correct isolation solution for your speakers, turntable, and components. Use the handy IsoAcoustics Online Calculator, where you can enter the make and model of your equipment to get personalised and accurate product recommendations.

zaZen vs DELOS

“After the success of our DELOS platforms, we wanted to make a smaller platform designed for lighter turntables and hi-fi components. We are excited for the release of zaZen because we have been extremely happy with how it performs. It’s affordable and very effective. We can’t wait for people to try it for themselves.”
IsoAcoustics’ CEO/Founder Dave Morrison

Both the zaZen and DELOS feature dense platforms combined with integrated IsoAcoustics isolators. They each provide a low noise floor to allow turntables and components to reveal greater clarity and detail. The DELOS series is designed for heavier turntables that weigh up to 40kg and features a larger butcher block platform with larger integrated isolators. The zaZen has a lower profile and is designed for lighter turntables and components. The DELOS is available in Maple or Walnut which are both very dense and hard woods. The zaZen platform is denser by volume, but still much lighter than the DELOS models because of its smaller size which is more ideal for lighter components.


IsoAcoustics is pushing the boundaries to optimize sound. You’ve already invested in a high-end system. Now there’s a sensible way to get the absolute best from your audio system with the clarity and openness of true and realistic sound.

Model Number ZaZenII
RRP 499.00

Width: 432mm
Depth: 381mm
Height: 42mm

Weight Capacity: 18.1kg

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