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Star Ceiling Panels


Star Ceiling Modular Starry Sky Acoustic Panels

Ideal for home theatres, music and media rooms, and bedrooms, star ceiling panels create an amazing ambiance in any environment they're installed in. As well as in the home, the panels can be used in commercial environments for restaurants, cafes and receptions areas. Each panel has two LEDs that supply light to the randomly patterned fibre optic 'stars'. When turned on, the fibres will twinkle, creating an immersive night sky atmosphere. In addition to looking fantastic, these star lighting panels also provide acoustic benefits to your home theatre by absorbing sound and reducing echo.


- Modular panels allow you to create a unique display to suit any space
- Each panel contains 28 randomly arranged fibres
- Twinkle effect for an astonishing home cinema ambiance
- Made with sound-absorbing materials for improved acoustics in your home theatre
- Panels are constructed with class A, non-combustible materials
- Black lining gives the panels a clean and neat face finish that suits most home theatres
- Each star ceiling panel measures 120cm x 60cm x 3.5cm (L x W x D)
- Daisy chain up to 30 star ceiling panels together, connected to a single power supply

Installation & Operation

Lightweight and easy to install, these star ceiling acoustic panels are perfect for the do it yourself home theatre enthusiast. The star panels can be installed anywhere you want to create an amazing ambiance, and are popular in the home theatre, music rooms, bedrooms, fitness areas, restaurants, patient and customer waiting rooms.

The panels are fixed onto the ceiling with the 6 plaster screws supplied. The included 12v power supply provides power for up to 25 panels, which can be daisy-chained together via the 2-core cable included with every panel. A General Power Outlet is required for the power supply and a wall switch to turn on/off the power.

What Is A Star Ceiling?

Star Ceiling Panels help create an amazing ambiance to any Home Theatre, music or Media Room. Star Ceiling Panels can also be used in commercial environments such as restaurants, cafes or reception areas. Each Star Ceiling Panel features 28 randomly arranged Optic Fibre points of light that twinkle and create an immersive lighting effect just like a Starry Night Sky atmosphere. Star Ceiling Panels help make an ordinary Home Theatre space into an extraordinary one!

Do Star Ceiling Panels Provide Acoustic Dampening?

Yes, they do! In addition to creating a magical atmosphere, Star Ceiling Panels also have sound absorption properties and act as acoustic panels. This helps to dampen unwanted sound reflections from your speakers audio, bringing your Home Theatre room closer to a genuine Cinema experience.

How Do I Mount Star Ceiling Panels?

Star Ceiling Panels are modular and easy to install. Each Star Ceiling Panel is attached directly to the ceiling using the 6 plaster screws provided. Power is supplied to the Star Ceiling Panels via a daisy chain method by connecting the 2-core power cables from each Star Ceiling Panel to the next and finally to the power supply.

How Many Star Ceiling Panels Can I Run Off 1 Power Supply?

A single 12v power supply can run up to 25 Star Ceiling Panels in a daisy chain configuration. It is recommended to use the manufacturer's official Star Ceiling Panel power supply unit.

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