HDMI Connectors

HDMI connectors allow multiple HDMI cables to be linked, to extend an HDMI connection without purchasing a new cable. However, connections may lose some quality over long distances; it is recommended to extend HDMI using a cat6 extender kit to preserve the quality of your hifi system. Connectors can also be used to convert HDMI to DVI and DisplayPort connections. This allows you to use an HDMI cable to connect your laptop or PC to a separate display, such as a projector. These can be useful for gaming systems or home offices, and may be more cost effective than purchasing a new DVI cable. For fitting your HDMI cable into a tight space behind your TV, we offer 90 degree adaptors, great for wall mounted TVs. Available brands include Avico, Mercury AV, OEM. Find the HDMI adaptor that suits your electronic system needs.

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