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20cm Mini Display Port Male to HDMI Female + DVI Female + Display Port Female MDP446220CM

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Hook up devices such as your Laptop to your TV/Monitor to stream media using this handy adapter that gives you the choice of either HDMI, DVI or Display Port as an output from a male Display Port Adapter. 

Mini Display Port Plug to Standard HDMI/DVI/Display Port Plug
This cable is designed for connecting devices such as your PC Notebook which has a mini display port connection, to an LCD / Plasma TV that features either a standard HDMI a DVI connection or a Display Port connection. 

HDMI is one of the latest interconnection technologies which provides the highest quality Digital Audio and Video connection. It carries both the Digital Audio and Video signals in one cable. As the signal remains digital right from the display to the source, there is no loss caused by digital - analogue conversion.

Mini Display Port
This connector is a modified version of the original Display Port. Much like HDMI, it is a audio-visual interface. It is capable of supporting resolutions of up to 1080p. This connection is most commonly found on a range of new Macintosh computers such as the latest Macbooks, Mac Pros and other new PC notebooks from manufacturers such as HP and Dell. 

DVI Cables
DVI cables are capable of carrying both analogue and digital video signals. They are commonly used to transfer video signals from PCs to LCD monitors and projectors. Check out our full range of DVI cables and connectors available and you'll see we sell many other DVI compatible cables. 

Display Port
Much like HDMI, Display Port connectors serve as an audio-visual interface. Display port connectors offer a simple alternative to LVDS, DVI and VGA connectors. Using only one Display Port cable to hook up your PC to an external LCD monitor you enable full performance in resolution, refresh rate and colour depth.  

- Mini Display Port Male Plug to Standard HDMI Port Female/DVI Port Female/Display Port Female
- Quality, corrosion-resistant, 24K gold plated connectors
- Molded connectors
- Rugged and durable Jacket
- Colour: White

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Model Number MDP446220CM
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