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In-Ceiling Speakers

An essential part of the invisible home theatre, in-ceiling, or architectural speakers provide developed hifi sound that blends seamlessly with your ceiling for an unobtrusive audio solution. These speakers are commonly used in the rear of a home theatre to produce enveloping surround sound
All speaker grilles can be painted to match the interior of your home for discreet concealment. A variety of cone types are available, some with added weather resistance for use in bathrooms, kitchens, or outdoor applications. For an audio system spreading through multiple rooms of the house, a multizonal amplifier will provide high quality sound in every area. We also recommend using a subwoofer with in ceiling speakers, as they can not produce deep bass frequencies well. A subwoofer or larger accompanying speaker will add depth and avoid a flat audio experience. Browse from a large variety of brands including Avico, Krix, and Onkyo, as well as a range of sizes from 8 inches to under 6 inches, to find the in ceiling speakers that suit your home sound system. 

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