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Fulfill all of your power supply needs with a wide selection of different power leads, power boards, surge protectors, travel adaptors, and charging cables. Browse a variety of power cable types, including extension cords of different lengths, used to make electrical outlets more accessible and provide sufficient power sources. High quality power boards are important for a complex home electronic system that relies on few outlets to power multiple high energy devices, such as speakers and amplifiers. A variety of power supplies are also available, including various power cords for electronic devices, such as the infrared remote control extender power adaptor. Our surge protected outlets include a 24-hour timed outlet as well as a USB cable surge guard featuring 4 USB ports and a regular wall plug. For traveling overseas, a variety of adaptor plugs are available, including type B for the US, Canada, Mexico, and Japan, type M for countries in South Africa, and type A, an alternative also used in North America.