Raidho X1.6 Bookshelf Speakers Black Pair

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Also available in Piano White finish.

Everything you could wish from a stand-mount loudspeaker. A performance masterpiece at this price, where you will be hard-pressed to find its equal. Easily compare to products that cost twice as much.

This is Raidho’s take on making a high-performing compact speaker in this highly competitive price range.

Raidho X1.6 Stand Mount Loudspeaker

The all-new X1.6 is a wonderful new addition to the Raidho X series. This is Raidho’s take on making a high-performing compact speaker in this highly competitive price range. The X1.6 delivers a performance unheard of in this class. It is the first time Raidho offers a 6.5” in this form factor and price.

The front baffle is made of cast aluminium that is an impressive 20mm thick. This heavy-duty construction is normally only seen in super High-End loudspeakers. This makes for the perfect foundation to place the Raidho Ribbon Tweeter and the 6.5” Ceramix bass driver.

The X1.6 has an unbelievably open and transparent sound which can only come from the famous Raidho Ribbon Tweeters. In addition to crisp, uncoloured highs, the X1.6 speakers are just as impressive in the low end. The clarity, depth, and power of bass reproduction that this small loudspeaker system is capable of is otherwise unheard of in this price range.

Prepare to be amazed by the new X1.6.

At a glance

• Elegant and compact stand-mount speakers
• Excellent transparency and imaging with superb treble
• Incredibly robust Ceramix drivers deliver impressive bass levels
• Capable of handling high levels of clean, continuous power
• Legendary Raidho ribbon tweeter leaves absolutely no fingerprint on the speaker system
• Reflex-loaded via rear port
• From world-renowned Danish loudspeaker designer, Raidho Acoustics
• Handmade in Denmark
• Supplied as a pair
• Stands available separately

"A particular talent of the X1.6 was being able to display complex soundscapes like the many choral voices in Loreena McKennit's "Dantes Prayer" from The Book of Secrets completely unfazed by the rest of the action to appear phenomenally three-dimensional, tangible and precise.

This ability makes the Raidho X1.6 dream choices for soundstage freaks."


"I am nothing short of impressed by how much good sound comes out of these – after all – small speakers. And they are in no way overshadowed by floor speakers in general when it comes to weight and size in the music. I am shocked!!!… Raidho X1.6 is "Editors Choice" !"

*Automatically translated from original article in Danish language.


Raidho X Series

This entry-level series for Raidho is in no way entry-level when it comes to technology, performance and visual beauty. The X Series aims to provide listeners with maximum performance for the price. In fact, every X model uses a slightly scaled-down version of the tweeter that sits in their statement speaker, the TD6, worth 210,000 EUR.

The visual design of this series is one of beauty and discretion. All models will fit naturally into any home. The floorstanding speakers have an elongated wing shape, curved side panels, and bass reflex ports that looks like no other. The stunning beauty continues on the inside.


Raidho Series X ‍Drive Unit

Not only is this drive unit highly advanced and built in-house in Denmark, it's also a piece of art.

Raidho’s Ceramix technology starts with a thin, aluminium cone and then uses a liquid plasma process and incredibly high voltage to transform the outer skin of the metal to aluminium-oxide ceramic. It’s a time-consuming and costly process, but the finished cone is a unique, natural sandwich, with thin, stiff skins on either side of a ‘softer” aluminium core, creating a structure that is stiffer but with excellent self-damping. Breakups first enter at an incredible 12.5kHz. The motor system consists of strong neodymium magnets focused around a very open system, allowing ventilation to the driver with the benefit of cooling the titanium voice coil and removing part of the design that usually causes distortions.

The result is that the speakers disappear even more from the equation, drawing a soundscape without audible distortion and with a pitch-black background that made the instruments stand out and create a holographic soundstage.



The Legendary Raidho Ribbon Tweeter

Raidho's proprietary, trademark ribbon tweeter is a unique design. It is completely designed and built by hand in-house in Denmark. To be exact, it is a planar Magnetic Tweeter due to the tracks in the foil. The foil is 11 microns thick, which means it is 50 times less mass in comparison to a conventional dome tweeter. This is because there is no voice coil and the extremely low weight of the foil (20 milligrams).

The result is virtually no resonances or distortion, and the breakup point is at an incredible 82 KHz! What you hear is amazingly clear and natural sound. All the detail in the world, but no fatigue, no distortion, and no colouration!

Handmade Speakers

At Raidho we say we have a special knack – so we do not let just anybody assemble a Raidho loudspeaker. What would be the point of innovative developers creating outstanding units, and skilled carpenters building beautiful cabinets in the best materials if the elements are not assembled with due respect for the ultimate product that a Raidho loudspeaker really is? By checking and checking again, we make sure that we live up to our own ambitious goals for the products we want to supply to a quality-conscious and discerning audience.

All the components in a Raidho loudspeaker are designed, manufactured and assembled by Raidho Acoustics themselves. In the design process, they seek to create something unique, and the reward is a very special harmony in the interplay between the design of the cabinet and the design of the sound.

Raidho Acoustics

Evolutionary, Revolutionary and Unique. Raidho Acoustics develops and manufactures loudspeakers for people who appreciate both phenomenal audio and stylish aesthetics. Those who think sound should be remarkable, want their listening experience to be out of the ordinary and expect great looking equipment with an exceptional design and visual expression.

Raidho Acoustics are world-renowned as leaders in loudspeaker design, developing new technologies, creating musical masterpieces and recreating musical masterworks.






Model Number X1.6B
RRP 12,490.00

Topology: 2 way
Bass Loading: Vented design. Port in the rear
Freq. response:
45 Hz – 50 kHz (+/-3dB)
Impedance: >6 ohm
Sensitivity: 87 dB 2.83 V/m
Crossover: 3.5 kHz

Recommended Amplification: >50W (Though we have seen excellent results with small tube amplifiers)

Drive units:
1 x Raidho Ribbon Tweeter
1 x 6.5” Raidho Ceramix driver

Finish: Piano Black

Size (WxHxD): 200 x 360 x 265 mm
Weight: 11.5 Kg

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