Yamaha's New Twin Soundbars Sport Dolby Atmos Compatibility

Yamaha released two new soundbars, the SR-B30A and the SR-B40A, both equipped with Dolby Atmos compatibiliy. 


In our last post, we talked about the brand new True X lineup from Yamaha, featuring two soundbars, an external subwoofer, and the all-too-exciting True X Speaker X1A portable, wireless surrounds. Lucky for us, this isn't Yamaha's only Dolby Atmos-friendly release. They also released two more soundbars -- both equipped with Dolby Atmos compatibility.

Welcome to the scene the SR-B30A and SR-B40A. These soundbars are quite a step up from the previous SR-C20A and SR-C30A, products designed to offer immersive sound in a compact package. The SR-B40A has a similar pricetag as the Sonos Beam Gen 2, but may offer a fuller low end when paired with the external sub.

The two new models share many of the same features, with four 46mm full-range cone drivers and two 25mm tweeters. If users opt for the separate dedicated subwoofer, they'll get extended bass frequency from a 160mm driver. The SR-B30A features a built-in sub as an alternative to the external, with a 75mm driver producing frequencies as low as 54Hz.

While the True X systems are designed to provide a more immersive surround sound experience when using Dolby Atmos, the SR-B40A and SR-B30A offer a more traditional, compact, and affordable soundbar experience that still gives Dolby Atmos compatibility. Although they don't have upward-firing height speakers, they do utilize Yamaha's True Sound technology. True Sound, they claim, maximises three-dimensional aspects in Dolby Atmos sound.

We're also seeing some shared features with the True X soundbars, including the new Clear Voice and Bass Extension audio enhancements, as well as the four basic sound modes: standard, game, stereo, and movie.

The soundbars have HDMI and optical ports, and can be controlled using your TV remote and eARC or HDMI-CEC connections. You can also download the Sound Bar Remote app to adjust settings on the soundbar from any mobile device.

Image credit: Yamaha