The Hottest Exclusive Releases From Record Store Day 2024

The Hottest Exclusive Releases From Record Store Day 2024

In the wake of Record Store Day 2024 on Saturday, April 20th, vinyl fans are drowning in exclusive releases. Outside of events, pop-ups, and discounts, RSD record releases are one of the biggest and most anticipated parts of the holiday. In fact, Record Store Day releases have become so popular that some critics have complained that the practice disrupts the vinyl chain of production. This isn’t too surprising, as the list of exclusive releases this year features a whopping 387 titles.


The official Record Store Day website has a complete list of every RSD release, the record label, format, release type, and quantity produced. To save you the time of going through the entire list, we’ve compiled the most exciting releases here, including top names from all different genres as well as some lesser-known artists for those with more eclectic taste.

Classic Rock Releases

David Bowie: Waiting in the Sky (Before the Starman Came to Earth)

An alternate version of the album Ziggy Stardust was put together in 1971, before the record took a turn in a different direction in 1972. This version is missing the tracks that weren’t yet recorded, “Starman”, “Suffragette City”, and “Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide”. The vinyl is black and was pressed in a batch of 8000 copies.

Neil Young with Crazy Horse: Fuckin’ Up

Neil Young timed this album to come out on Friday, almost a week after Record Store Day 2024. This gives fans some time to get their hands on the record ahead of time at participating stores throughout the week. The record features a live recording of the Ragged Glory album played at a private party in Toronto in November of 2023, almost in its entirety. There are only 5000 copies available of this double LP on clear vinyl.

Talking Heads: Live at WCOZ 77

The Talking Heads have recently spearheaded their resurgence with the release of the concert film Stop Making Sense (2023). To continue the momentum, their RSD release is a live show for a Massachusetts radio station from 1977. This show was excerpted on the concert compilation “The Name of This Band is Talking Heads”, but was never fully released — until now. The record was pressed in 45 rpm, spreading 14 tracks across two LPs for increased fidelity.

Roger McGuinn, Chris Hillman, & Marty Stuart: Sweetheart of the Rodeo 50th Anniversary — Live

Byrds fans will be over the moon about this surprise commemoration of the unofficial reunion tour in 2019. McGuinn and Hillman teamed up once again for a full-album reading of the classic 1968 Sweetheart album, in addition to some bonus classics. This one is marked as an RSD First, so we can expect more editions to come out in the future.

The Beatles: The Beatles Limited Edition RSD3 Turntable and Single Bundle

Okay, you got us, this isn’t an album release — but we think it makes the list anyway. In addition to the limited edition turntable, four 3” singles were also pressed with 1500 copies each. Fans can get these mini records included in the turntable bundle or separately. Singles include “Til There Was You”, “She Loves You”, “I Want To Hold Your Hand”, and “I Saw Her Standing There.”


Keep an eye out for these classic rock titles as well:

The Doors: Live at Konserthuset, Stockholm, September 20, 1968

Elton John: Caribou (50th Anniversary Edition)

The Replacements: Not Ready for Prime Time: Live at the Cabaret Metro, Chicago IL, January 11, 1986

Grateful Dead: Nightfall of Diamonds

Ramones: The 1975 Sire Demos

John Lennon: Mind Games EP

George Harrison: Electronic Sound (Zoetrope Picture Disc) and Wonderwall Music (Zoetrope Picture Disc)


Ringo Starr: Crooked Boy

Jerry Garcia Band: Electric On The Eel: June 10th, 1989

The Who: The Story of the Who

The Roches: The Roches (45th Anniversary)

The Rolling Stones: The Rolling Stones (UK) and Live at Racket, NYC

Thin Lizzy: Live at Hammersmith 16/11/1976


Contemporary Releases

Paramore: Re: This is Why and Re: This is Why (Remix + Standard)


As the official ambassador of Record Store Day 2024, we can only expect an exclusive release from them — and we got two! Both releases feature a collection of celebrity remixes of tracks from the group’s *This is Why* album from 2023. One record features both the original album and the remixed version. There’s also one bonus track for the vinyl release of the remix album, a new production of “Sanity” by Jack Antonoff.

The 1975: The 1975 Live at Gorilla

This release features a live recreation of The 1975’s debut album, recorded on February 1st of 2023, celebrating the album’s 10-year anniversary. The recording was packaged with the original album and released as a double-CD, available as a direct-to-consumer exclusive on the band’s website. They pressed 7500 copies of the vinyl version in a double LP on white vinyl.

The Weeknd: Live at SoFi Stadium

The Weeknd brings us their first ever live album, recorded from the end of his stadium tour in 2022 at L.A.’s SoFi Stadium. The set runs a whopping 26 tracks spread to 3 LPs. There were 7500 copies pressed, and if you didn’t get one, there will likely be more on the way, as this release was also marked as an RSD First.

Pearl Jam: Dark Matter

Failing to skip out on a single Record Store Day event so far, Pearl Jam certainly wouldn’t stay quiet with a brand-new studio album just released the day before. The LP was pressed in yellow and black vinyl with 15,000 copies available.


Here’s some more contemporary records to look out for:

Fleet Foxes: Live on Boston Harbor

Gorillaz: Cracker Island (Deluxe Vinyl Edition)

U2: Atomic City (U2/UV Live at Sphere, Las Vegas)

Death Cab for Cutie: Live at the Showbox

Wilco: the Whole Love Expanded


Jazz Releases

Nat King Cole: Live at the Blue Note Chicago

This double LP features previously unreleased material of Cole’s jazz trio at a residency at Blue Note Chicago in 1953. There were 4000 copies of this black vinyl pressed in addition to a double-gatefold tip-on jacket and liner notes by Will Friedwald.

Charles Mingus: Reincarnations

Mingus released Incarnations for RSD Black Friday last year, and now brings us the sequel. Only 3400 copies of this record were pressed in classic black vinyl.


Other jazz titles worth mentioning:

Bill Evans: Everybody Digs Bill Evans

Sun Ra: Pink Elephants on Parade

Charlie Parker: Norman Granz’ Jazz at the Philharmonic

Kenny Garrett & SVOY: Who Killed Al


Hip-Hop Releases

Metro Boomin: Metro Boomin Presents Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Soundtrack — From and Inspired by the Motion Picture

With only 250 copies pressed, this record is one of the lowest quantity listens this year. Similar to the Beatles’ release, this record is available as a bundle of three 3” records along with a 3” turntable.

Fetty Wap: Fetty Wap

This is the first printing of Fetty Wap’s debut album since its original release eight years ago. There were 4500 copies of this release pressed in a beautiful opaque violet vinyl. You can also find three bonus tracks on this LP.


More exciting hip-hop releases seen this year:

Public Enemy: Revolverlution Tour 2003

Wiz Khalifa: Loud Pack

Queen Latifah: Nature of a Sistah

Lil Uzi Vert: Luv Is Rage

Lil Wayne: Sorry 4 the Wait

2 Chainz/Lil Wayne: Welcome 2 Collegrove

Foxy Brown: Ill Na Na


If you picked up any exclusive releases this year, check out our guide on how to keep your records protected and polished for years to come.