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  1. Yes, Vinyl Is Making a Comeback

    The development of the record player dates all the way back to 1877, but vinyl as we know it truly became widely used in popular culture in the 1960s and 70s. It started to fade out moving into the 80s, as the Compact Disc rose in popularity. In the 21st century, MP3 players quickly took over, and soon came smartphones, wireless streaming, Bluetooth headphones, and many other gadgets that more or less rendered technology like turntables obsolete.

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  2. Turntable Tonearm Shapes and How They Impact Sound

    Tonearms obviously play an important role in the function of a turntable. Without them, a record player couldn't play any sound at all. However, most people don't know that the design of a tonearm also has an impact on the audio quality and performance of the turntable. So, if you want the best possible hi-fi experience from your turntable, pay attention to the tonearm design.

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  3. How Records Produce Sound

    Vinyl records have been a popular listening format since their development almost 100 years ago. The 33 1/3 rpm speed vinyl we are familiar with today was first introduced in 1948. Since then, vinyl records have gone through multiple waves of popularity, and are actually gaining traction again today. Even with the modern listening formats we have now, people love the experience of vinyl. Details like putting the needle on the record and reading lyrics or liner notes on the record cover create an intimate and nostalgic experience. Many vinyl fans argue that vinyl simply sounds better than other playback methods.

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