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  1. Brand New Speakers? Here’s How to Burn Them In

    So, you just got a brand-new set of hi-fi loudspeakers for your home. You open the box, set everything up, plug them in, and voila! It's the best quality audio you've ever heard in your life.


    Or is it?

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  2. Banana Plugs 101: Protect Your Speaker Cable

    You’ve probably heard of banana plugs, but not many people actually know what they are for. Banana plugs are commonly use to secure speaker cable within homemade cable systems. But are they necessary? What is the purpose of banana plugs, and how are they installed?

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  3. How to Choose a Soundbar

    Do you ever find yourself disappointed with the sound quality of your TV? Flat screen TVs simply cannot be designed to produce booming, hi-fi sound. If you want better quality sound without investing in an entire surround sound system, a soundbar may be right for you. Soundbars are a great way to take movie night to the next level; they can produce louder audio and make dialogue easier to understand. They are also one of the most cost-effective ways to get hi-fi sound and are the perfect introduction to high fidelity audio if you don’t have a speaker system. Interested in getting a soundbar? Here are the most important things to consider before making a purchase:

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  4. Mounting Your TV: What You Need to Know

    Want to mount your TV, and wondering if you can do it yourself? Well, you're in luck -- mounting a television is certainly a safe task to do yourself, as long as you follow the right procedure and know about the proper safety precautions to take.

    TV's are an expensive investment, so it's extremely important to make sure they are mounted properly. Otherwise, you could damage this valuable equipment as well as your wall, which could cost you hundreds of dollars and put someone in danger. As long as you put in the proper planning and do it the right way, mounting a TV is actually a breeze and completely safe. The first thing to consider is the type of mount that's right for your TV. Here's what you need to know about choosing a TV mount:

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  5. Choosing an Amp for Your Speakers

    Typically, most people consider the speakers to be the most important part of a sound system, and the only part worthy of spending hours to choose the right ones. What most don't realize is that the amplifier is just as important in terms of sound quality and getting the most out of your speakers. Or, perhaps more importantly, that the wrong amplifier can damage or destroy your speakers. And it's not just about having the best amplifier, it's about having an amp that is fully compatible with your speakers. 

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  6. Receivers vs Amplifiers

    You may often hear the debate for receivers versus amplifiers. They are both essential components of a home theatre or hifi audio system – but what is the difference? Why do we need them, anyways?

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  7. Microphone Types, Features, and Uses

    Microphones are used to record audio in a variety of different settings, from professional music production in a studio to podcasts to simple video calls at home. As you probably know, not all microphones are built the same way, and different types of mics are designed for different purposes. Each kind has its own advantages and limitations, and it’s important to learn about the major differences if you’re interested in buying a microphone.

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  8. Consumer, Studio, and Gamer Headphones: What's the Difference?

    If you’ve looked into high quality headphones at all, you probably noticed that there are many, many different kinds. Picking a brand is hard enough, but each brand has a plethora of models to choose from. And it’s not just about price and specs – the most expensive pair is not necessarily the best for your needs. Beyond external design, different models actually have distinct purposes and are designed for specific uses. Generally, there are three main categories of headphones: consumer, studio, and gamer.

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  9. The Essentials of a Home Theatre

    High quality cinema from home is becoming increasingly popular with the rise of online streaming services and as we all spend more time at home during the pandemic. Movie theatres may never again exist as we once knew them, so now is a better time than ever to start watching hi-def movies from home.


    A home theatre doesn’t have to be extravagant or an entire room dedicated to watching movies. It can even be as simple as having a surround sound system that mimics the experience of a movie theatre right in your living room. If you’re considering investing in a home theatre, or you just want to level up your at-home TV experience, these are the basic components you may need:

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  10. Soundbar vs Centre Speaker: Are They Interchangeable?

    Soundbars and centre speakers are similar pieces of equipment. They both are meant to sit right under the TV in a home audio setup, producing sound from the centre of the room. So, are they interchangeable? Can you use a soundbar as a centre channel speaker in your surround sound system?

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