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  1. What is HDMI Pass-Through?

    What is HDMI Pass-through?

    HDMI pass-through is a function which is pretty handy but many people are unaware what it really does. HDMI pass-through passes a video and audio signal from an HD source such as a Blu-ray player or an HD set top box to your home theatre system via an HDMI cable. The home theatre plays the audio from the HD source through its own speakers and sends just the unaltered video signal to a TV through a second HDMI cable.

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  2. Connecting Foxtel SCART to Component

    Although the new Foxtel boxes and televisions have HDMI, many people still have the Foxtel boxes with component and SCART outputs and televisions with component inputs. If your set up is using component from the Foxtel box, you may be interested in using the SCART output as it is considered to provide a superior picture quality. Unfortunately, getting this set up going is not as simple as taking out your existing red, white & yellow AV cable and plugging in your new SCART to component cable. However, with this SCART to 5RCA cable and by following these steps, you will be good to go!

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  3. Tips for Mounting Speakers

    Just like the advantages of mounting your flat screen TV on the wall, hanging your surround sound speakers is invaluable for any home theatre set up. Whether it is to enhance the acoustics of your room, or keep the kids (or adults!) from knocking your speakers over, we have a speaker bracket to suit.

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  4. 7 Common Mistakes when setting up Home Theatre

    7 Common Mistakes when setting up your Home Theatre

    A Home Theatre can be a converted room, or a purpose designed area specifically for your television/movie viewing, gaming or audio entertainment. They can be simple or they can be extravagant. However you want yours to be, there are some really helpful tips to make sure you get it right, and save lots of headaches.

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  5. What is Ethernet over HDMI?

    What does Ethernet over HDMI mean?

    Most people who have AV equipment have heard of HDMI. It’s a common acronym that has permanently become part of our vocabulary. This doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone understands the true capabilities of the clever cable that connects their numerous devices. HDMI has had plenty of version numbers, but it’s the Ethernet over HDMI (also known as HDMI Ethernet Channel) which was launched with version 1.4 that we would like to demystify today…and it’s not as complicated as it sounds.

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  6. What Does AWG On Speaker Cable Mean?

    American Wire Gauge (AWG) is the standard grading used on speaker wire. Used since 1857, it indicates the diameter of round, solid or stranded electrically conducting wire. The diameter of each gauge is a factor in determining its current capacity. When the gauge number increases, the wire diameter decreases.

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  7. Mistakes when mounting big screens

    Mistakes when Mounting Big Screens

    As television screens get bigger and bigger, we sometimes run out of room to put them. Mounting your big screen on the wall is a great way to reclaim valuable space, to keep it safe from sticky fingers as well as mounting it in a better viewing position. Despite being pretty simple to install, there are some common mistakes that some people do which can result in a less than perfect installation.

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  8. What is DVI?

    At the back of our devices are often many inputs of varying shapes and sizes. You may know what they all are or you may not. You may even think they all have to be filled to make your device work. Not so! The variety of input options is to give you choice. Because everyone has different pieces of equipment of varying age and ability that need to be connected to even more pieces of equipment, there is not one solution or input that is universal.

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  9. Do I need a Switcher or a Splitter?

    The switcher (also known as a switch) is the opposite. This will allow multiple source devices to be sent to a single receiving device. Say BluRay Player, Set Top Box and PS3 via HDMI to a TV with only 1 HDMI input. Getting a switcher with a remote control is even more convenient. Switch to whichever device you like with the click of a button. You simply switch to

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  10. Are Your Speakers Out of Phase?

    Are your Speakers out of phase?

    You wouldn’t believe how many people have speakers that are “out of phase”. Essentially this means that your wiring is not quite right, and you will not be hearing the sound waves correctly. You may even be hearing the left from the right and vice versa. Having out of phase speakers won’t hurt your equipment, but you won’t get the most out of your speakers if you don’t correct it either.

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