What is an Inline Mic?

When you are looking for headphones or earbuds, sometimes you will notice that one of the features offered is the incorporation of an “Inline Mic”. For some, the reason for this feature will be obvious, but others may be left scratching their heads.

An Inline Mic, is a microphone which is built into the wire (Inline) near where your mouth will be when you wear your headset. This functionality is ideal is you are wearing your headphones or earbuds while using devices like your smart phone.

You will be able to answer calls without removing your headphones, and the person on the other end will be able to hear you clearly without having to put your phone up to your mouth. Typically you will also be able to adjust the volume, answer and end your calls.

Inline Mic         Inline Mic

Another handy feature is when you are listening to something through your headphones, the sounds will automatically cut-out so you can take your call, and resume once you hang up. Clever hey!

Each brand and model which offer inline mic, will have a different appearance and unique features, so have a look for the one that suits your needs.

Here are some of the headphones available at Selby which have Inline Mic.

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