1. Bowers & Wilkins now available from Selby!

    Bowers & Wilkins at Selby

    We are thrilled to announce that Bowers & Wilkins are now available from Selby including the new 600 series and 700 series!

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  2. Selby is Growing

    "Selby Acoustics has established itself in the Australian market thanks to our relentless dedication to customer service and communication. With customers traveling across Melbourne to our Hallam store, we realised the demand for another outlet to better serve Melbourne's inner suburbs.

    Shaun O'Brien, Managing Director and Founder of Selby Acoustics

    With that in mind, we are excited to announce our expansion with a third retail store, in Thornbury Victoria on 3rd July 2018. Taking over the previous Hitek Audio Visual location, the Thornbury store at 594 High Street will see much of the Selby range available over the next few weeks. Hitek Audio Visual will be closing down on Saturday 30th June, and Selby will open on the Tuesday.

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  3. Everest - In Cinemas 17th September

    Sure to be a gripping film experience, Everest tells the story of the 1996 disaster when eight climbers were caught in a huge blizzard during their summit climb. Mount Everest in Nepal, the tallest mountain on Earth has always been the ultimate challenge for serious climbers who travel the globe aiming to conquer the world’s tallest peaks.

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  4. New Release: Yamaha MusicCast

    Yamaha has recently unveiled news of their high-fidelity multi-room audio system MusicCast re-entering the scene as a competitor to the popular Sonos range. Bringing back the brand which was originally launched as MusicCAST over 10 years ago, Yamaha is also releasing more than 20 new MusicCast products from small powered speakers, soundbars to AV receivers.

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  5. A Walk in the Woods - In Cinemas 3rd September

    Robert Redford plays author Bill Bryson, who is looking for adventure after living his last 20 years in Britain. With approval from his wife played by Emma Thompson, Bill decides to return to the United States in an attempt to reconnect with his homeland. Hoping to find peace, tranquility and bigger purpose to his life, Bill decides to trek the 2,200 miles of the spectacular Appalachian Trail.

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  6. She's Funny That Way - In Cinemas 27th August

    In a classic light-hearted romance comedy, Owen Wilson stars as Arnold Albertson, a Broadway Director whose wife Delta is starring in his latest show A Grecian Evening. Arnold is anything but faithful, and is smitten with an escort named Izzy he has been secretly seeing. Izzy is keen to be a respected actor, but finds herself in a recurring situation where the two facets of her life keep bumping into each other. On the back foot when she turns up at the audition to his play, Arnold reluctantly agrees to casts her in a leading role in the play.

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  7. Southpaw - In Cinemas 20th August

    Southpaw: Jake Gyllenhaal plays Billy Hope, a boxer living in New York City with his wife Maureen, played by Rachel McAdams and their daughter Leila. Sustaining a serious eye injury during a winning match, Billy agrees with his wife, that he should retire whilst he’s at the top with the World Light Heavyweight Championship.

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  8. Last Cab to Darwin - In Cinemas 6th August

    Known as a quintessential Aussie actor, Michael Caton leads this unique Australian cast as Rex Macrae, a loner and a stubborn bloke. Last Cab to Darwin was co-written and directed by Jeremy Sims, most commonly known for his roles in television series such as MacLeods Daughters and Home and Away. Jeremy was inspired by the story of real life taxi driver Max Bell, who was diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer in the early 1990s. When Rex is told that he has cancer and has only months to live, he decides to take his future into his own hands.

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  9. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation in Cinemas 30th July

    Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation is the fifth instalment in the Mission Impossible series. Once again we see Tom Cruise reprise his role as Ethan Hunt a highly skilled operative in the IMF (Impossible Mission Force) espionage agency. Washington bureaucrats headed by Alan Hunley (Alec Baldwin) have decided to dissolve the IMF agency, leaving Ethan and his fellow agents at a loose end.

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  10. Selfless - In Cinemas 23rd July

    Psychological science fiction thriller Selfless follows terminally ill real estate billionaire Damian Hale, played by Ben Kingsley. Typically a tower of strength and power, he realises that his cancer is one rival he cannot defeat. Offered an unusual option by a shifty organisation, Damian's only hope is a radical medical procedure called "shedding" which involves transferring his consciousness into a healthy body. Damian goes ahead with the procedure, paying $250 million for the second chance.

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