Dolby FlexConnect Will Optimize Dolby Atmos Audio for Any Home Speaker System

Dolby FlexConnect Will Optimize Dolby Atmos Audio for Any Home Speaker System

Earlier this fall, Dolby Laboratories announced a partnership with TCL. The leading TV brand will be the first to implement Dolby's latest technology: Dolby Atmos FlexConnect.


On August 28th, Dolby unveiled their latest innovation that is designed to create a more immersive Dolby Atmos experience in any home audio system. FlexConnect will be featured on all of TCL's 2024 TV lineup, so those purchasing a TCL TV next year will get a first look at this exciting new technology.

So, what is FlexConnect? Dolby says that the new TV feature will help to optimize Dolby audio to the user's home speaker system. Firstly, FlexConnect pairs the TV's sound system with wireless accessory speakers seamlessly; this unlocks a more extensive audio experience. Then -- and this is the interesting part -- FlexConnect optimizes the sound based on the layout of the room and the positioning of the speakers.

We've talked a lot about how speaker position and factors like room size and furniture can impact sound quality. That's why recording studios must be acoustically treated and the speakers are specifically positioned to optimize the sound from the engineer's seat. In a studio setting, these are problems engineers are used to dealing with. In a living room, however, people don't have as much control over the room, and usually don't want to rearrange their entire home to accommodate the speaker system. The living room is for living, after all, not just listening.

FlexConnect is Dolby's address to these common consumer problems. With FlexConnect, any seat can become the best seat in the house. The technology uses acoustic mapping microphones to locate all wireless speakers and calibrate the system for optimal audio performance. Measuring the sound signal, location, and capabilities of all available speakers, FlexConnect uses dynamic audio balancing to adjust the sound image for any room layout or furniture arrangement.

While this technology may be advanced, Dolby worked hard to ensure that setup remained simple. Users won't need any additional cables or equipment if they have a TV with FlexConnect. The TV will do everything automatically!

John Couling, Senior Vice President at Dolby Laboratories, is excited about the release. "FlexConnect is an entirely new category of experience that offers consumers the freedom and flexibility to choose how they want to arrange their devices while still getting a great immersive Dolby Atmos experience."

To add icing to the cake, TCL will also be launching a line of accessory wireless speakers that are specifically designed to complement the new TV lineup.

Representatives at TCL are also looking forward to offering Dolby's new tech next year. Frédéric Langin, CCO, says, "we can't wait to introduce the world to this new tailored sound experience with our upcoming lineup of TVs and accessory wireless speakers." Consumers will no longer have to compromise on their audio system because of their furniture, power outlet locations, or room dimensions.