Samsung Breaks Into the Small OLED TV Market

Samsung's recent expansion of their OLED TV range could prove to be a major competitor or even industry leader in the OLED TV market. While there were a few more fascinating releases announced at CES 2024, such as the transparent OLED from LG or the whopping 115-inch screen from TCL, Samsung's new products caught our eye for just that reason.


The Korean company didn't enter the OLED TV market until 2022 with the S95B, which turned out to be a huge success. They followed with the S95C and S90C last year, offering improvements and a more affordable option.

This year, they're following the pattern and expanding the line even further, with three brand new releases: the S95D, S90D, and S85D. Just as the S90 is a cheaper alternative to the S95, the S85D undercuts the S90D as an even more affordable OLED option.

This new lineup also introduces Samsung's first "small" OLED TV. Previously, buyers had to commit to a 55-inch screen if they wanted a Samsung OLED, but now they're offering both 42-inch and 48-inch options. Whether these will be a standard OLED or QD-OLED is still up for debate -- the S90C last year was non-QD OLED, so we suspect that this year's models will follow suit.

The push toward smaller and more affordable OLED TVs is why we're so focused on Samsung this year. Rather than moving toward bigger, better, and flashier TVs like most companies are, Samsung is opening the gates to make OLED TVs more accessible.

Smaller OLED TVs have largely been ignored thus far, so we're glad to see Samsung shining some light on this market, and we think that this choice could position Samsung ahead of the competition in 2024. One of the only other major options for small OLEDs has been LG's C-series, and while those are a solid product line, they aren't exactly revolutionary. Hopefully with the added pressure from Samsung, LG will step up their game with future C-series releases, like the upcoming (assumedly) C4. Of course, those looking for a smaller OLED could also opt for the Sony 42A90K, but this model hasn't garnered nearly as much attention as LG's lineup.

For those who have been waiting to get a desk-friendly OLED TV, the wait is paying off. If the release of their new Music Frame wasn't enough for CES 2024, Samsung also announced an entire new lineup of OLED TVs. Samsung's grand entrance into the world of small OLED TVs is rustling the industry, and we expect this market to expand even further in the coming years.