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  1. Microphone Types, Features, and Uses

    Microphones are used to record audio in a variety of different settings, from professional music production in a studio to podcasts to simple video calls at home. As you probably know, not all microphones are built the same way, and different types of mics are designed for different purposes. Each kind has its own advantages and limitations, and it’s important to learn about the major differences if you’re interested in buying a microphone.

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  2. Consumer, Studio, and Gamer Headphones: What's the Difference?

    If you’ve looked into high quality headphones at all, you probably noticed that there are many, many different kinds. Picking a brand is hard enough, but each brand has a plethora of models to choose from. And it’s not just about price and specs – the most expensive pair is not necessarily the best for your needs. Beyond external design, different models actually have distinct purposes and are designed for specific uses. Generally, there are three main categories of headphones: consumer, studio, and gamer.

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  3. Soundbar vs Centre Speaker: Are They Interchangeable?

    Soundbars and centre speakers are similar pieces of equipment. They both are meant to sit right under the TV in a home audio setup, producing sound from the centre of the room. So, are they interchangeable? Can you use a soundbar as a centre channel speaker in your surround sound system?

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