Zidoo and You: A Media Player for Every Home Cinema

Zidoo and You: A Media Player for Every Home Cinema

Zidoo is a professional Android Media Player manufacturer and advanced ARM multi-core industrial product developer. A leading brand in the 4K ultimate evolution, Zidoo offers UHD media and streaming players to suit all viewing habits and budgets.

There's a growing trend and increasing demand for high-quality playback of backed-up movies, and getting the full uncompressed 4K HDR video and Dolby Atmos sound experience can be challenging from most devices on the market.

That's where Zidoo is making quite the name for itself with its full suite of Android-based Media Players. Zidoo's Home Theatre app and Poster Wall is the ultimate solution in quick and easy movie management, along with its support for BD/DVD (unencrypted) / CDs and CD ripping, BD/BD3D/UHD Blu-ray menu playback and Blu-ray seamless branching playback. Almost all standard 3D video formats can also be played, including MVC 3D (Blu-ray, MKV).

The Zidoo catalogue includes a range of products to suit any needs or budget for local content playback. It should be mentioned that these players are designed primarily for playback of local content from either their own internal storage, or from a local network location, such as a NAS drive or a PC/MAC. They are not designed for streaming from online sources, such as Netflix, Stan or Disney+.


Media Players



The Z9X is a 4K UHD media player with a powerful graphics engine for stunning home theatre entertainment. This latest-generation media player features significant improvements in audio and video decoding, most notably, support for HDR10+ and Dolby Vision. The Z9X has both SATA and USB 3.0 connections available for connecting an external hard drive, or is ideal for streaming from a local drive/source.

Z10 Pro

The Z10 Pro is a high-performance 4K UHD media player, building off the powerful chipset and processing capabilities of the Z9X, while adding an internal bay for up to 14TB hard drives. It features all of the same specifications and capabilities present throughout the core Zidoo range, whilst maintaining a small footprint on the shelf.

Z1000 Pro

Zidoo is dedicated to developing leading technologies to provide users superior quality in playback of their media collection. The Z1000 PRO is equipped with the RTD1619DR hexa-core 64-bit professional processor, with an advanced Dolby Vision VS10 image quality processing engine built in. The Z1000 PRO supports Dolby Vision low latency (LLDV). It also sports the same firmware and navigation software as the UHD3000, and sports an internal hard rive bay for up to 14TB of expandable storage.


The UHD3000 features Zidoo's multiple innovative underlying AV decoding technologies. A media player that combines UHD cinema media playback with HiFi audio-decoding. Featuring superior design and craftsmanship, it sports all of the features of the previous models, as well as ESS 9068 DAC audio decoding, MQA, and DSD512 hardware decoding. It has a pair of audiophile level Stereo XLR outputs to get the most out of any audio you’re playing. These XLR outputs make the UHD3000 not only great as a video playback machine, but also as a source for audio in any stereo hi-fi setting. It also has dual internal hard drive bays, that can take up to 16TB per drive. Dual power supplies for analog and digital components means that the UHD3000 can dedicate more headroom to its operations, and prevents any unnecessary noise that can be picked up by single power supply designs.


Premium Hi-fi Media Players



The NEO S is Zidoo's new high-end audio-visual all-in-one device, and is simultaneously a hi-fi music digital decoder, network audio server, AV streamer, headphone amplifier, and more. NEO S inherits the NEO X's craftsmanship and sports an aluminium thickened chassis and 5-inch OLED touchscreen. Built-in is a 256G SSD, dual ES9068 DACs, dual digital/analog power supply modules and large toroidal transformers.

NEO Alpha

The NEO α (Alpha) Signature Edition is the flagship Media Player for ZIDOO in 2022. It converges years of technologies and brings the ultimate audio-visual experience for enthusiasts. Built-in is a 512Gb SSD, dual ES9068 DACs, dual digital/analog power supply modules and large toroidal transformers, as well as a HDD bay for loading 3.5" or 2.5" external hard drives (up to 16TB). And for the first time in the industry, DSD Native 5.1 lossless audio output from the HDMI DSD port can be achieved.




Why do I need a dedicated media player when I can just plug my hard drive into my TV via USB?

Most TVs only decode and support basic forms of video and audio through the USB input. Many only support stereo sound, or a lower resolution than what you would expect from say, a HDMI input device. Very rarely do they support HDR playback of any kind.

If you’ve just bought yourself a nice 4K/HDR TV and would like to watch your movie backups in their original state, then simply plugging a thumb drive in won’t cut it. The performance of video from a hard drive connected directly to a TV will never quite compare to ‘the real thing’. Skips, jumps, compressed audio and video are just a few of the reasons why a dedicated player will always outperform this kind of setup.

Why Zidoo?

Zidoo’s product range is incredibly easy to use, and supports any audio or video format/codec you can imagine. The sheer amount of different options that are available for enthusiasts to tweak until they achieve the perfect picture on screen is unmatched. Particularly, the fact that each Zidoo product has a version of the Dolby VS10 engine built in, so that both HDR and SDR content can be presented as Dolby Vision.

Or, you can go through the simple setup wizard to get you there if you prefer to have your settings set up for you.

Which Zidoo model is right for me?

If you’re looking for a nice simple solution to watching your backed up files from a NAS drive or a PC/MAC on your network, on a simple loungeroom or theatre setup, the simplicity of the Z9X is perfect for you.

If you’d prefer to run some or all of your files directly through the player, then you can grab the Z10 Pro with its internal hard drive bay.

If you’re looking to provide your home theatre with something that adds not just convenience, but unparalleled audio and picture quality, then have a look at the Z1000 Pro. Need more space, or just want to make sure you’re getting the absolute pinnacle of what Zidoo has to offer in video playing? Check out the UHD3000.

If you want an all-in-one device that can act as an audiophile-level stereo audio preamplifier, as well as all of the best video playback features from the other models, then you should look at the NEO S and NEO Alpha, with both models sporting internal hard drives designed for your music collection, as well as expandable storage via their internal drive bays.

But what if I want to set up a series of scenes from films to play in a specific order in my home theatre, or maybe to demonstrate other products in my home theatre/Hi-Fi store?

What a very specific and uncontrived question. Yes! You can! The Z9X, Z10 Pro, Z1000 Pro and the UHD3000 all come with ‘Digital Signage Mode’ which allows you to create a playlist of scenes with specific time-stamped bookmarks for each movie file you add.

You can find more information on this feature in our blog post; Zidoo Demo mode (Digital Signage Mode) Setup