Zidoo Demo Mode (Digital Signage Mode) Setup

Zidoo Demo Mode (Digital Signage Mode) Setup

In this follow up to our Zidoo catalogue overview, we'll be taking you through Digital Signage Mode, a feature built into many of these media players. Digital Signage Mode is a new mode that Zidoo has provided for its media players, the Z9X, Z10, Z1000 PRO, and UHD3000.

The mode allows you to make a playlist of films that are accessible from your Zidoo device (not including streaming services), and timestamp specific points of each file to play only a certain scene or section from the film. Files can be played from internal storage, an internal or external HDD, or from a local server.

This is a great way to demonstrate the capabilities of both the Zidoo and the A/V system it is connected to, by allowing you to showcase the best and most impressive scenes for that system. It saves the hassle of switching between individual Blu-Rays, finding the scenes you need, and then switching back again, by simply letting you line up exactly which scenes you want, and letting them play out in order, with only a second or two between each film scene.

To enable this function, you will need to update your Zidoo device to the latest firmware version. This can be done in one of two ways: via network or USB.


Updating your Zidoo device firmware via network:

Option one is updating via your internet connection directly through the Zidoo unit by going to Settings Other → Upgrade → Update.




Updating your Zidoo device firmware via USB:

Option two is downloading the beta update from Zidoo’s website on your PC, loading the downloaded ZIP file onto a USB drive, connecting the USB drive to one of the USB ports on your player, and then following the same instructions above, only selecting “USB Update” instead of “Online Update”. You will be prompted to select the USB drive from on which the update file is located. Visit https://www.zidoo.tv/Support/downloads.html and select your device to find the page from which to download your update. NOTE: The USB drive you use must have at least 4GB of free space in order for the update file to be unpacked and installed on the Zidoo unit.


Creating a Demo Mode playlist

Once your unit is updated to the latest firmware, go to Settings Playback Digital Signage Mode Configure Playlist in order to create a playlist of scenes.


Click the + symbol in the top right to add a new playlist, and then follow the prompts to create the playlist, and load in files from their stored location on your Zidoo.




Once you have chosen a file, you can select the start and end time of the section of film that you wish to showcase by pressing the Menu button on the Zidoo remote while the desired file is highlighted, and then selecting “FAVOURITE SCENE BOOKMARK SETTING” once the window pops up.


From there, simply select the start and end time of the scene and press OK, and then whenever that file comes up in the playlist, only the selected time of the film will play, before automatically switching to the next file in the list. Note that a small blue symbol will appear next to the title of the file when you have successfully set up the time stamp.



If you have any questions or enquiries regarding this process or the capabilities of the Zidoo products in general, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts!