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  1. Storage with Style

    Oskar storage Oskar storageOskar storage
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  2. What is Surround Sound?

    What is Surround Sound?

    When surround sound was first realised, it was in the realm of commercial cinemas, and it made us all gasp with excitement. Before surround sound, listeners would experience home audio only from the front centre speaker and the 2 front speakers, left & right. Now affordable for the average home, surround sound, as the name suggests allows the listener to be encapsulated by sound 360° on the horizontal plane. Surround sound gives the listener an enhanced audio experience as individual audio channels are expressed through the listeners various speakers.

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  3. 3D Explained

    3D Explained

    3D used to be a technology of the future, and was once a novelty at the cinema. Now it has become common and is also available to be used in our own homes. The process behind 3D can be simple or complicated depending on who you talk to. We will try to give you the simple explanation.

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  4. Why use a digital audio to stereo converter?

    Picture this…you have just bought a brand new TV, the picture is fantastic and the screen is enormous. Overall, you are truly impressed with your purchase…that is until you turn the volume up.

    The sound you hear can be described as thin and harsh with really poor bass. Due to the sleek design of most TVs on the market these days, their slim chassis tends to produce very poor sound and equally poor dynamics.

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  5. Meet the Team - Sue

    Sue has been with Selby from the very beginning. Together with her husband Shaun, she is the founder and owner of Selby Acoustics. An integral part of the Warehouse team, Sue lives and breathes audio visual equipment and all the little bits and pieces that go into making Home Entertainment systems unique. She knows all the products on range at Selby, and arranges for all the orders made online to be picked and sent out to our customers swiftly and safely.

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  6. NEW Infra-red Repeater Kits to suit Foxtel

    In the past if you were looking for an infra-red (IR) extender system that would work with your Foxtel unit too, you either played around with some of the cheaper options on the market with mixed results, or invested more into the approved Resi-Linx system. Because Foxtel runs on different frequencies to other devices, finding a reliable and affordable IR system has been difficult - until now.
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  7. Fast & Furious 6 - In cinemas June 6th

    Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Dwayne Johnson lead the returning cast in this sixth movie from the petrol-head franchise which began way back in 2001. Once again fast cars, chase scenes and “high-stakes adventure” are the hallmark of the latest installment. Since Dom (Diesel) and Brian's (Walker) Rio heist in Fast & Furious 5 toppled a kingpin's empire and scored them a whopping $100 million, the group have scattered across the globe. Unable to return home because of their criminal records, although wealthy, they find themselves living a life on the run.

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  8. Discreet Audio - In-Wall Speakers

    When building a home theatre, installing surround sound to facilitate that movie-theatre experience is ideal. Instead of mounting speakers on the walls, have you considered installing in-wall speakers?
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  9. What does an AV Receiver do?

    If you have never owned an AV Receiver (often called an amplifier), you may wonder what all the fuss is about. Once you have owned one, you will understand how valuable they are to your Home Theatre or audio set up and how you can get the most out of your entertainment equipment when you adopt one.
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  10. How to install in-ceiling speakers

    I wanted to install some speakers in the kids upstairs “playroom”, because until now any music they wanted to listen to was from their ipods and portable stereos. Having written about our in-ceiling speakers a few times, I knew it was time I had some installed. As they were being installed, I thought that I’d just insert myself into the process and take some photos so you can see how it’s done.

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