1. Meet the Team - Stephen


    Q1. What do you do at Selby? Customer Support Team Member Q2. Are you Apple or Android? – What kind of phone do you have? Apple – iPhone 4, though I’m seriously considering the iPhone 5s Q3. What’s your favourite food? Mexican cuisine of any kind Q4. What kind of car do you drive? Hyundai Excel Q5. What is your ideal holiday?

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  2. Meet the Team - Chris

    This week we would like to introduce you to Chris. He can always be found in the Selby warehouse collating orders, distributing stock through the aisles or helping coordinate container arrivals. If anyone needs to know where to find a product, Chris is certain to know where to locate it. If you order a Selby product online or over the phone, chances are that Chris has had a big part in getting it to your front door. Here are the answers to our Selby questions.

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  3. Meet the Team - Sue

    Sue has been with Selby from the very beginning. Together with her husband Shaun, she is the founder and owner of Selby Acoustics. An integral part of the Warehouse team, Sue lives and breathes audio visual equipment and all the little bits and pieces that go into making Home Entertainment systems unique. She knows all the products on range at Selby, and arranges for all the orders made online to be picked and sent out to our customers swiftly and safely.

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  4. Meet the Team - Suzanne

    Suzanne, who is also known as Sue can always be found in our front office helping customers with orders and technical information. If you have any questions about your order, if you’re unsure about which product you need to do the job, chances are you’ll chat to Suzanne. Here are Suzanne’s answers to our Selby questions:

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  5. Meet the Team - Dean

    Today we would like to introduce you to Dean. Dean has been with Selby for over 5 years, and is the go-to guy for anything in the office that falls under the IT umbrella. If someone has a question about the systems in the office, the first step will be to ask Dean. Being across several areas of the business helps the various departments work well together. This week we asked Dean our Selby questions. Here are his answers.

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  6. Meet the team - David

    David can be found in a few places around Selby. Equally at home in the store as in the warehouse, David has a lot of technical knowledge of Hi-Fi and is a really interesting brain to tap into. If you call up with a question, chances are you may be speaking to David. Here are David’s answers to our Selby questions:

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  7. Launch of the new "Selby Video"

    We are excited to release the new Selby Acoustics video. Now you can see how we get your orders from our place to you!

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  8. Meet the Team - Gavin

    This week we would like to introduce you to another of our team. Gavin has a really important role in Selby, and without him we wouldn't be able to provide the fantastic range of products you see on our website.

    We had Gavin answer our team member questions, so you can learn more about him.

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  9. Meet the Team - Shaun

    Call me Shauno. Together with my lovely wife I’m the founder and owner of Selby Acoustics.

    I started Selby Acoustics in 2003, part time, working from home while I was still working full time at Bunning’s. My whole career had been in retail and my dream was to own a Hi Fi store one day. Thank god the internet came along, it was a great way for a small business to get started and I saw it as a perfect opportunity to get my Hi Fi business up and running and create an online store based on traditional retail customer service levels.

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  10. Meet the Team - Monique

    When we decided it would be nice to introduce the team behind Selby, I asked “Who should we introduce first”. The answer came shooting back to me…”You”. After a few moments, I said “OK, I guess I asked for that one”.

    So, I am Monique. I have been with Selby for only a short period, joining the team in August 2012 as the Advertising Coordinator. I share an office with 5 guys, which may make some shudder, but not me, they’re great!

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