Improve your Acoustics

Want to achieve better sound quality from your Hi-Fi or Home Theatre?

Before you go out and drop a couple of grand on a new amp or speakers have you thought about your listening room? Most of the time, significant gains in sound quality can be achieved for little or no cost by simply playing with speaker placement and your room’s acoustics. For a start, every speaker is designed to go in a certain “position” in the room. For stereo speakers for example this is usually 50cm or more from the wall behind the speaker and around 1m from a side wall to achieve the best results. Most of the time your speaker’s user manual should be a good guide to placement. Try and get them as close as possible to the recommended then play with moving them around a little till you find the spot where you like the sound the best.

The next step is the room acoustics. Hi-fi and Home theatres hate harsh reflective surfaces. A room with hard wood floors bare walls and no curtains will sound dreadful compared with a room that has a few sound absorbing surfaces. Carpets, rugs and curtains are great for a start. For dedicated theatres and listening rooms one simple approach is using Acoustic Treatment Sound Panels.

These panels are an effective and affordable way of improving the acoustics of almost any listening area or musical performance environment. Helping to remove sound reflections and excess echo in your room, the foam tiles should be your first step in room treatment. Even in smaller home or project studios, just a couple of these tiles can make a significant positive impact on your listening environment.

Main Features:
- Improves your room's acoustics
- Helps reduce standing waves, room echo, excess reflections, and reverberation
- Designed for mid/high frequency range.
- Simple installation
- High density acoustic foam cell structure

Additional Information:
The acoustic wall tiles can be used for both front and rear room treatment. They are great for use on walls and ceilings and wherever else problem areas occur. Most average listening rooms can be dramatically improved by using just a small number of panels.

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