How to Position Speakers for Your Home Theatre System

The placement of speakers in your home theatre room is vital for achieving fantastic sound. It can dramatically enhance the way you experience movies and music.

Furniture Orientation: Ultimately you want to figure out a position in the room where you can sit down and face the TV head-on.

Front Speakers (1 & 2): Responsible for handling movie soundtracks. Place one on either side of your TV making sure they are both of equal distance from the TV screen. Ideally the tweeters (responsible for the high end sounds) from your front end speakers should be at the same height as your central channel speaker. These three speakers should form a slight arc and should be of equal distance from where you are sitting.

Centre Speaker (3): Responsible for anchoring dialogue and on-screen sounds to the screen. It should be positioned either above or below your TV. If it is positioned above, then make sure it is aligned evenly with the front edge of your TV screen. This alignment will reduce sound distortion which may occur from sound reflecting off the TV cabinet.

Surround Speakers (4 & 5). They create a sense of atmospheric sound which makes you feel like you are in the middle of the action. To achieve this you should start by placing the surround speakers to the left and right of where you will be sitting. Adjust the height of them so they are aimed above your ears. If your surround speakers are wall mounted then ensure that they are facing towards your preferred seating position. (Using a 7.1 system, you will also have two rear surround speakers)

Subwoofer (Sub): Positions can vary depending on the size of the room and where you sit. To determine a ‘sweet spot’ for your sub, place it on the couch where you would usually sit. Play some music through your speakers and move around the room. Keep moving around the room until you find a position where you can best hear the sub. There may be a few positions in the room where you can best hear the sub over everything else. Any of these positions called ‘sweet spots’ will be perfect for placing your sub.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy being immersed in a world of awesome surround sound!