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  1. 5 Steps to Clean Your TV screen

    Fingerprints, food and who knows what else always find their way onto your TV screens. When you’ve finally had enough of watching your favourite show through smudges, you know it’s time to get cleaning. In years gone by you could spray almost anything directly onto the glass screen of your television and rub it off with newspaper or a paper towel. Not any more.

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  2. Projector Series: Throw Distance and Lens Shift

    What is Throw Distance & Lens Shift?

    Over the next few weeks, we will explain some of the main terminology that you will see when purchasing a projector, including the brightness, contrast and resolution. Hopefully you will feel better equipped to look into the quality home theatre projectors that are available today at really affordable prices.

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  3. Ultra Discreet - Frameless In-Ceiling Speakers

    Gone are the days where we slap up a couple of speakers without much thought to design or aesthetics. Now we want our sound systems to not only sound amazing, but they need to assimilate seamlessly with their surroundings. If you are looking for a discreet look, these 2-way in-ceiling loudspeakers deliver powerful and clear sound with a stylish, minimalist look.

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  4. What do you stand for?

    Where do you leave your instruments? Do they lay on the furniture, or do they lean up against the wall and scratch the paint and get damaged as they crash to the floor? With the investment you make in your instruments, there’s one low-tech piece of equipment that sometimes gets overlooked.

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  5. Black Sea - In Cinemas Thursday 9th April


    The crew, complied of several shady ex-submarine engineers is led by Captain Robinson (Jude Law), a former naval officer who has been laid off his salvage job. Robinson promises each crew member an equal share of anything they find. The intensity builds as the crew, a mixture of British and Russians become divided knowing that the fewer men that make it back alive, the more gold to go around. The submarine setting lends itself to the dark brooding atmosphere of distrust, as we learn the background of the crew and their motivations for becoming involved in such a risky operation. Paranoia sets in amongst the crew

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  6. Jamo In Wall Subwoofer


    Specifications System Type

    Subwoofer, in-wall Woofer (mm/in) 254 / 10 Power (W, long/short term) 150 / 300 Sensitivity (dB - 2,8V / 1m) 90 Frequency Range (Hz) 30 - 150 Impedance (Ohm) 8+8 Weight (kg/lb) 5 / 11 Product Dimensions (mm/in, H x W) 305 x 305 / 12 x 12 Back Box Size

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