1. Maintaining your projector

    Investing in a piece of equipment like a projector is not something you do every day. Similar to your car, it’s not going to run as well as the day you bought it, if you don’t show it some TLC. Making sure you keep your projector in excellent condition will help to extend both its’ working life and your enjoyment. We recommend you do these activities on average every 2-3 months. These tasks should not be completed whilst the projector is running, and at least 30 minutes after use, to allow for the bulb to cool.

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  2. What are speaker spikes?

    Speaker spikes, also known as isolation cones, are little cone shapes devices that can be secured to the base of your floor speakers. There has been a lot of conjecture over time about what they are good for, and what the benefits of using them are. Ultimately it is personal preference, however there are certainly some circumstances that you may find their benefits invaluable.

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  3. HOT DEAL - Onkyo 5.1 Compact HD Home Theatre System

     HTX-22HDX RRP $499

    Movies and games look amazing on modern widescreen TVs, but let's face it, your TV's speakers leave a lot to be desired in the audio department. That's where the HTX-22HDX steps in. Featuring three HDMI 1.4a inputs on the back of the sub allow you to hook-up up to three devices (eg: Bluray player, PS3/Xbox360 and pay-TV box). HDMI 1.4a is compatible with 3D video and also lets you run an Audio Return Channel from your TV's tuner back to the sound system.


    SKS-2X  RRP $99

    This is a 3.0 set (centre speaker and two rear speakers) designed to be used in conjunction with the Onkyo HTX-22HDX system.

    Together these two set would RRP $598 

    For a limited time, Selby are selling these two packages together as HTX-22HDX 5.1 for $449 while stocks last.



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  4. Behringer Dynamic Microphone 3 pack

    Few things are more essential to recording or live performance than dynamic microphones. Ask any sound engineer and they will tell you to keep as many as possible on hand. Behringer has bundled three great-sounding dynamic microphones into one impact-resistant case, with stand adapters and mic clips so you'll be ready to capture your sound in brilliant resolution.

    What is a Dynamic Microphone?
    Dynamic mics have several advantages that make them ideal for live applications or recording amplified instruments. They're robust, resistant to moisture and can achieve high gain before feeding back. These microphones' cardioid pickup pattern is designed to capture the source signal, such as a guitar amplifier or vocalist, while shunning off-axis sound.

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  5. How to install in-ceiling speakers


    I wanted to install some speakers in the kids upstairs “playroom”, because until now any music they wanted to listen to was from their ipods and portable stereos. Having written about our in-ceiling speakers a few times, I knew it was time I had some installed. As they were being installed, I thought that I’d just insert myself into the process and take some photos so you can see how it’s done.

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  6. Future proofing when building your house


    Wondering how you can ensure you are ready for the new technology you may want to adopt in the future? In short, you will need cables, cables and more cables! To make sure you're ready, you should speak to an expert in home theatre and networking who can communicate your ideas to your electrician. Spend some time thinking about what you want your house to do. Just as you would do a lighting plan determining where each light will be fitted, you will need to determine where you want to install your speakers and devices etc . It can’t be suggested strongly enough that taking your plans to an expert will ensure more satisfying results.

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  7. How does 3D work?

    3D used to be a technology of the future, and was once a novelty at the cinema. Now it has become almost common and available to be used in our own homes. The process behind 3D can be simple or complicated depending on who you talk to. We will try to give you the simple explanation.

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  8. Behringer Active PA Speaker with Amp & MP3

    THE Eurolive B112mp3 active loudspeaker is exactly what you’ve come to expect from Behringer. More power, more features and absolutely more affordable! Incorporating two self-contained PA solutions that merge state-of-the-art, 1,000-Watt Class-D power amp technology, built-in wireless microphone capability and excellent portability.

    This performance-grade loudspeaker is extremely light yet powerful.  The B112mp3 has custom-engineered Class-D power amps for the ultimate in low-distortion power and efficiency. Backed by SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) technology, the high-tech alternative to heavy transformers and massive heat sinks, this loudspeaker can run cool all day and all night without even breaking a sweat!

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  9. Can I mount a TV outdoors?

    Over the last 20 years or so, we have seen a surge in “Outdoor Entertaining” areas in new and renovated homes. This means different things to different people. You may find that the barbeque and a few deck chairs is all you need, however for many this has seen the outdoors become an extension of the inside and indeed another “room”. Entertaining or relaxing outdoors also sees us looking to incorporate technology that typically stayed inside, outside.
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  10. Coming soon to cinemas - Silver Linings Playbook

    Launching January 31st 2013, Silver Linings Playbook sees lead character Pat Solatano, played by typical heartthrob Bradley Cooper, in a deeper, more sensitive role than we are used to seeing him in. A former teacher, Pat has lost everything, and has just been released from a state mental health institution. Moving back in with his parents, played by Robert DeNiro and Australian favourite Jacki Weaver, Pat is determined to get on his feet and back together with his wife.

    Complications ensue when Pat crosses paths with equally problematic Tiffany, played by Jennifer Lawrence who has captured his attention. Tiffany agrees to help Pat reunite with his wife, but only if he will also help her with something important for her recovery in return.

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