Jobs - In Cinemas Now

Starring Aston Kutcher and based on the life of Apple founder Steve Jobs this movie could fall into a couple of categories, and indeed attract viewers for various reasons. Whether you are a total Apple "fanboy" or a curious onlooker, Jobs highlights particular events through 40 years of his life starting from his time in College, the unveiling of the Macintosh personal computer through to the introduction of the iPod.

The film takes a biographic approach to step the viewer through key events beginning in the ‘70s, explaining the impact that dropping out of College had on Jobs’ personal and career trajectory. After a period of time working with game company Atari, Jobs together with his self-taught computer engineer Steve Wozniak (played by Josh Gad), begin Apple Computers, and manufacture their first computer, the Apple I, followed by the improved consumer offering: the Apple II

Internal arguments unfold which ultimately sees Jobs leave Apple in 1985 and begin a new hardware and software manufacturer NeXT. As Apple begin to falter with a series of disappointing projects, Jobs is brought back into the fold as an advisor, and is eventually made CEO.

Despite most of the information used in the film being a matter of public record, you may find some information that helps complete the puzzle in your own mind. As Jobs’ influence on personal computer and entertainment has impacted us all in some way, it will be up to the viewer to decide if the film is a fair account of Steve Jobs’ influence on the technology landscape.

The film originally screened at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, and received mixed reviews, it is out now in cinemas nationally so you can make your own mind up on its entertainment value.

Watch the Trailer below