How to Maintain your Projector

Investing in a piece of equipment like a projector is not something you do every day. Similar to your car, it’s not going to run as well as the day you bought it, if you don’t show it some TLC. Making sure you keep your projector in excellent condition will help to extend both its’ working life and your enjoyment. We recommend you do these activities on average every 2-3 months. These tasks should not be completed whilst the projector is running, and at least 30 minutes after use, to allow for the bulb to cool.

1.     Cleaning the lens is the first step. Keep in mind that lenses are really sensitive and can easily be scratched if not treated with great care. Avoid traditional cleaning sprays or chemicals as they can damage the surface of the lens. Using a lint free cloth similar to a camera cloth, slightly dampened with isopropyl alcohol or a commercial lens cleaning solution to gently clean the lens. You can also use a small handheld blower to blow the dust from the lens.  These can often be found at photographic suppliers. Never spray anything directly into the lens or projector.

2.     The filters job is to protect the internal parts from interference from dirt and dust. Cleaning your projector’s air filter will help reduce heat build-up from trapped dust. Dirty filters can lead to premature burn out of the projector bulb. Remove the filter (if your model allows)and blow the dust away with compressed air (either from a portable compressor or can). Replace filter once clean. If your filter is unable to be removed, please follow filter cleaning instructions from your users manual.

3.     Check all input cables are still firmly connected, ensuring you re-insert loose or wobbly cables.

4.     The final step is to review the hours used by your bulb/lamp. Within the settings of your projector, should be a notification of the hours used. Your owners’ manual should explain how many hours you should expect from the lamp. You may notice a reduction in brightness over time, which indicates that this may be a good time to order a new lamp for your projector. Having a new lamp ready to go, will help avoid disappointment when your movie night is cut short by an expired lamp.


Never touch your lamp/bulb. Not only could you burn yourself, but the natural oils in the skin can diminish the life of it.

Avoid turning the lamp on immediately after turning it off. This runs the risk of damaging the bulb and reducing its' life.

It is advised to wait 30 minute prior to restarting.

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