Benefits of Server Racks at Home

Once only the domain of businesses to house computers, network equipment, servers and patch panels, “Network Server Racks” have now become more popular for domestic applications too. As our electronic and technical equipment multiplies within our own homes, sometimes we can struggle to find suitable places to not only keep them neatly out of the way, but protected from damage by dust, heat, UV light and liquids.

Traditionally a server rack is a cabinet that’s purpose is to house numerous electronic devices such as computer servers and accessories. Businesses who need easy access to their equipment and value their protection, want to simplify this often messy part of their office. They adopt network cabinets to bring everything into one neat place.

Designed with airflow in mind, racks with vented doors and the ability to install special cooling fans for equipment that have a tendency to “run hot”, provide the perfect solution to look after your gear.

Server racks are becoming more popular in homes to manage and organise the increasingly complicated networking infrastructure growing around us. If you have more than a bit of hardware hanging around, such as your PC, Blu-ray, DVD, Foxtel, Xbox, Playstation, Tivo, Receiver/Amplifier or more, chances are that you may be struggling with clutter from cables and various accessories.

Your server rack lets you stack your equipment one above the other, in any order you like with adjustable shelves. Depending on the height of your unit, you have the ability to regain lots of floor space as you go up instead of out! You can then place your cabinet with all your equipment in a nice inconspicuous location like in a spare room, under the stairs, or in the corner out of the way.

By making the effort to organise your components within one neat cabinet you will find that you have easy access to both the front side and back of all your components and their cables any time you need to. Maintenance is also a breeze because some racks have wheels and/or shelves that slide in and out for easy access.

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