Boosting Your TV Antenna signal

Antenna signal remains a hot topic, with Australia now using digital signals instead of the old analogue. While shutting off analogue and converting to digital did seem like a scary and daunting development to some, it seems to have gone off without too much of a hitch. Some of us out there may still be struggling with intermittent TV reception for some channels due to the digital signal.

A digital signal is sharper and clearer than the old analogue signal, however problems with reception can sometimes still occur. A weak analogue signal may appear fuzzy or snowy, which is annoying but still viewable, or a partially delayed signal may cause “ghosting” on the screen. The same strength digital signal is likely to still be clear, but the audio and video could drop in and out intermittently or completely disappear, making watching your favourite show anything but relaxing.


The best way to resolve issues such as these is to improve the incoming antenna signal. In some cases, this can be resolved by adjusting the position of your current antenna to receive a stronger signal.

If this is unsuccessful, you will certainly benefit by increasing the signal strength with an antenna booster or amplifier.  More often than not, an amplifier will be required if an antenna splitter is in use, as the signal is being reduced for each extra device that is connected.

Below is the Kingray Wideband MHW34F VHF/UHF Masthead Amplifier, which is to be used in conjunction with a separate power supply. (pictured here is the PSK06 power supply)

Kingray VHF UHF Masthead Amplifier MHW34FKingray Power Supply PSK06

As Australian television stations operate in either VHF (Very High Frequency) or UHF (Ultra High Frequency), it is important to select a booster that is capable of increasing both signals. Most commercial TV stations operate in VHF, shared with FM radio signal, with newer stations on UHF, as the VHF signal band has become overcrowded.

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TV Antenna

Genuine Selby Digital TV Antenna
This outdoor TV antenna has been designed for Australian conditions. The log-periodic 32-element design receives digital and analog signals in the VHF and UHF bands, for commercial (free-to-air) channels. It's pre-mounted with an 'F' connector jack, so you can simply plug in an antenna cable between the antenna and your TV. Also includes a U-bolt for mounting to a mast.

Choosing The Right Antenna For Your Area
This antenna is suitable for most areas including urban, suburban and semi-rural.

- 32 elements
- Log periodic
- Foldable elements for easy installation
- Designed for horizontal or vertical polarities (universal mount included)
- Weatherproof F-connector with rubber seal
- Receives VHF (Band 3) and UHF (Band 4 & 5)
- Robust weather-resistant construction

If you are unsure what you may need, it may be best to consult an antenna specialist in your area as he will be able to test the signal strength using specialised equipment, remembering that too much signal can be just as problematic as too little.

Of course, our Selby Techs are more than happy to help, so feel free to give us a call on 1800 69 2225.