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  1. Balanced Audio Cables Explained

    Balanced audio is a very clever way of transferring an audio signal without picking up external electrical noise, or hum. Electrical hum is caused by stray magnetic fields, causing a vibration in the air. Think of the hum of a flourescent light. This is why, especially in professional recording studios, balanced cables are vital.

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  2. Which headphones should I buy?

    Which Headphones should I buy?

    "Which headphones should I buy?" Ask five different people what you should get, and you'll probably get five different answers. This is because what you need will be different to what they need and value. Your ears will be a different shape, and your head may be a different size, what and where you need them will differ. Sounds funny, but these are only a couple of factors which will be on your checklist of things to consider when buying the right headphones.

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  3. What is an XLR Cable?

    Cable End - MaleCable End - Female

    The XLR connector was invented in the 1950s by James H. Cannon, founder of Cannon Electric in

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  4. Why customise your wallplate?

    Wall Plate 5    Wall Plate 6

    To customise your own wallplate, you will need to work out how many connections you will need to make. Buy a “blank” wallplate, which has enough holes to suit your needs. The pieces that you will be inserting to customise your wallplate are called “keystones”.

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  5. What does AWG on speaker leads mean?

    What does AWG on Speaker Leads mean?

    American Wire Gauge (AWG) is the standard grading used on speaker wire. Used since 1857, it indicates the diameter of round, solid or stranded electrically conducting wire. The diameter of each gauge is a factor in determining its’ current capacity. When the gauge number increases, the wire diameter decreases.

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  6. Tour the New Selby Showroom

    We have been telling you all about our new Hallam Store for a month or so now, and felt it was time we gave you a better tour of how it’s coming along. Over five times larger than our previous little showroom, the new location has allowed us to expand what we have on display. With a range of over 3,000 products in our online store, it was impossible to show them all. The new space gives us the opportunity to put more of these products on view as well as expand our range to suit our customers’ needs.

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  7. Onkyo LS-B50 Soundbar System

    As an evolution of Home Theatre, the Soundbar has been created as an alternative to separate speakers. A typical 5.1 set up, consists of front left & right, centre, rear left & right speakers rounded out with a subwoofer for all those deep notes. A Soundbar is a far simpler and often tidier set up which typically consists of a long “bar” (with individual speakers inside) matched with a subwoofer in 3.1, 5.1 or 6.1 versions. Today we will have a look at the Onkyo LS-B50 6.1 Soundbar package.

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  8. Splitters & Switchers - What's the difference?

    As your Home Theatre or AV set up grows, you will find that the capabilities of your system will also. You may think that all the extra gadgets and options are just for those who are real enthusiasts; however there are great reasons why these “extras” are perfect for the everyday person. Switchers and splitters are more of those little devices that can make your home theatre set up so much easier to control. But which is used for what purpose?

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  9. Are your speakers out of phase?

    Are your Speakers out of phase?

    You wouldn’t believe how many people have speakers that are “out of phase”. Essentially this means that your wiring is not quite right, and you will not be hearing the sound waves correctly. You may even be hearing the left from the right and vice versa. Having out of phase speakers won’t hurt your equipment, but you won’t get the most out of your speakers if you don’t correct it either.

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  10. Get Airplay with Onkyo's DS-A5

    Owners of A/V receivers can now enjoy the convenience of wireless audio streaming with the DS-A5 iPod® /iPhone® /iPad® Dock. The DS-A5 connects to your system via analog or digital audio outputs. It features AirPlay for streaming over the home network. Just select an audio file, touch the AirPlay icon and the dock powers up your system and commences playback.

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