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Meet the team - David

Posted on 29 November 2012 by Monique There have been 0 comments

David can be found in a few places around Selby. Equally at home in the store as in the warehouse, David has a lot of technical knowledge of Hi-Fi and is a really interesting brain to tap into. If you call up with a question, chances are you may be speaking to David. Here are David’s answers to our Selby questions:

Q1.         What do you do at Selby?

I work in both the Hallam store helping customers with their enquiries, and also in the warehouse.

Q2.         Are you Apple or Android?

I have an Apple iPhone

Q3.         What’s your favourite food?

My Nan’s Sunday roast.

Q4.         What kind of car do you drive?

Holden Statesman.

Q5.         What is your ideal holiday?

I’d like to trek through nature in Australia, North America and Europe.

Q6.         What is your drink of choice?

Pale Ale

Q7.         AFL or Rugby? And Which Team?

I’m an AFL – Melbourne Demons supporter

Q8.         What kind of Home Theatre do you have?

I have Mission nx speakers, with an Onkyo AV/R and a modified Pioneer Vintage Stereo Amp (music) with Boston

Q9.         What would be your ideal technology?

Internet connection that it instant - No wait time.

Q10.       What was your first album/tape/CD/mp3?

CD – ACDC – Back in Black

LP – Jimi Hendrix – Are you Experienced     &        Miles Davis – Bitches Brew

Favourite Music: Rock, Metal, Alternative to Hip Hop, Dub, Electronic & Classical

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