Speaker Mounting Tips

Just like the advantages of mounting your flat screen TV on the wall, hanging your surround sound speakers is invaluable for any home theatre set up. Whether it is to enhance the acoustics of your room, or keep the kids (or adults!) from knocking your speakers over, we have a speaker bracket to suit.

The basic principle of mounting your speakers is the same as hanging your TV. Always ensure you are aware of the size, weight and mounting points on the back of your speaker before purchasing the brackets.

Speaker Wall Mount Brackets SB25Speaker Bracket Wall Ceiling Mounts White SB202WSpeaker Ceiling Bracket Silver BT34S

Smaller satellite type speakers tend to have one of the 3 main mounting types; single threaded point, double threaded point or keyhole.  Our range of satellite speaker brackets has provisions to suit each of the 3 common styles.

Heavier bookshelf style speakers tend not to have these mounting points on the rear, but can certainly be mounted using a specialised bracket that we have available.

Speaker Brackets White BT77Speaker Bracket Black

As when mounting anything to the wall such as your TV screen or pictures, it is important to locate the studs inside the wall. A single or double sheet of plaster is just not strong enough to hold your speakers, putting them at risk of falling off the wall and becoming damaged. Using a stud finder is the easiest and safest way to locate the studs in your wall.

Stud Finder


The ideal height for surround sound speakers is at ear level, although as some of our brackets include a tilt mechanism, placement becomes much more versatile

This is also the perfect time to install any speaker wall plates required, if you plan to run your cables through the wall. These will keep your cables neat and tidy inside the wall, as the last thing you want to see if speaker wire hanging down behind your speakers.

Wall Plate WP5Wall Plate WP3G714

Then, simply fix the brackets in the desired position and attach your speakers. Once you have connected your speakers to your system, sit back and enjoy your favourite TV shows, movies or music.

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