Although mounting televisions on the wall is a popular way of lifting your screen up to a preferred viewing height, sometimes you may prefer a less permanent option. If you are renting, or prone to moving the furniture around a lot, you may find this desk stand an excellent solution. Ideal for the boardroom, break-room or reception if you need to display your big screen television.

With a +30°/ -30° horizontal swivel/pivot and vertical height adjustment, this tempered glass base freestanding bracket supports your Plasma/LCD/LED TV and allows you to get the perfect viewing position. This is a universal replacement for the stand/base of your LCD/Plasma/LED television (for example, if your TV was wall-mounted and you've misplaced the base, this is the perfect replacement.

Desktop Support Stand Bracket/Mount DS101BB

Suitable for screens sized 30-50”, with a maximum weight capacity of 60kg this unit arrives ready to assemble. It is important to note that this TV mount is not designed to stand on the floor, but rather for positioning your TV on top of a strong sturdy piece of furniture such as an entertainment unit (or similar).

Will it fit my screen?
It's easy to work out if this bracket will fit your screen:

1. First just measure your screen, the bracket is 800mm wide and the arm height is 480mm so as long as the outside of the screen is wider and taller than that, the bracket will not be visible from your viewing position.

2. Check the mounting holes on the back of the screen and measure how far apart they are. The bracket will fit screens with mounting holes a maximum of 800mm wide and 460mm high (centre of hole to centre of hole).

If you would like any advice about mounting your television, feel free to contact our Selby Techs on 1800 69 2225.

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