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The SV-237 MKII is the successor to Vincent's award-winning SV-237 MK integrated amplifier. Boasting analogue, digital, and now Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, the SV-237 MKII is a modern tube/solid-state stereo amp with the heart of a golden-age hi-fi component.

SV-237 MKII - Class-A Hybrid Integrated Amplifier

The SV-237 MKII is the third iteration of Vincent's popular SV-237 integrated amplifier, and it comes with a revised design plus a suite of new features under the hood. The latest entry in this iconic line of amplifiers is presented with a more modern and elegant appearance, but it's not all cosmetic upgrades introduced with this model. The Vincent SV-237 MKII stereo amplifier boasts a completely revised and improved circuit concept, improved power, and even more diverse connection options. The result is a stereo hi-fi amp that delivers impressive power and an incredibly musical sound.

Key Features

• 2 x 150W @ 8 Ohm
• 2 x 10W @ 8 Ohm Class A
• Hybrid tube & solid state amplification
• Improved circuit design & signal-to-noise ratio
• Built-in 24 bit/192kHz Burr Brown PCM5102 DAC
• Analog, digital, & Bluetooth audio inputs
• 4 x high-quality speaker binding posts per channel
• Switchable tone control

User Manual (PDF, 7MB)

Tube & Transistor Amplification

Musicality, sound, and efficiency have all been significantly improved in this latest generation stereo hi-fi amp. Thanks to the combination of vacuum tube and solid-state amplification, even the most difficult speakers can be driven effortlessly without the amplifier sounding strained. The SV-237 MKII uses hybrid technology. For Vincent, hybrid means the best of both worlds, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the SV-237 MKII. Two NOS (New-Old-Stock) 6N1P tubes work in the preamp section, lending the sound naturalness and warmth. For better dynamics and the final amplification, 4 transistors are used in the power amp section. These deliver up to 250 watts RMS (@ 4 Ohm) power per channel.

In the second stage of the preamplifier section, each channel features a 6N1P tube. These double triode vacuum tubes are capable of handling high voltage levels and provide increased stability with high-dynamic signals. This preserves the spectral purity of the signal before it is passed on to the power amplifier section, ensuring that the fine details in your audio are maintained from source to speakers. The musicality, which is expected of tube audio components, is retained and there is never a sterile coldness in the sound, which is a common drawback of solely solid-state components.

Vacuum tubes are a highly regarded component when it comes to hi-fi amplifiers, and they are typically a sign of high manufacturing quality. Vincent, taking the visual aesthetic of their products just as seriously as their performance, have included a tube-viewing port on the front panel, where you can see the 12AX7 vacuum tube in action.

Exceptionally Pure Sound

The SV-237 MKII, like the model that came before it, can be operated in Class A mode. Outputting 10W of power per channel in this mode, it has a crystal clear sonic characteristic and completely eliminates harmonic distortions. Class A mode is a feature typically seen in high-end power amplifiers, and rarely seen on integrated amplifiers.

A feature that's now expected from Vincent's integrated amplifiers is switchable tone controls. The front of this unit features dials to control the treble and bass levels. The tone adjustment circuitry can be bypassed with a single button for the pure, direct sound.

Analogue & Digital Inputs

Selecting your source and adjusting your sound couldn't be easier with this unit. With diverse analogue, digital, and wireless connection options, this integrated amplifier is perfect for hooking up any audio source device for a truly spectacular stereo experience.

In addition to the analogue RCA connections, the SV-237 MKII features two digital inputs for connecting sources such as a digital CD player, TV, or other components. The SV-237 MKII's suite of inputs have been modernized and now includes a Bluetooth v5.0 wireless connection in addition to the wired inputs. With a dedicated BT antenna, the SV-237 MKII ensures a strong and stable connection when paired with your compatible device. Stream music to the integrated amplifier from your phone, computer, or another Bluetooth-enabled device.

Of course, a high-quality digital or wireless input means little if the DAC is not up to scratch. The built-in Burr Brown PCM 5102 D/A converter module works with a bit rate of 24 bit / 192 kHz and can therefore process high-resolution music files.

Improved Circuit Design

Under the direction of Frank Blöhbaum, the circuit concept of the SV-237 MKII has been completely revised and improved upon. Various changes in the power amp section have resulted in a phase reserve of almost 90°. This phase reserve ensures a significantly better transient response, which becomes apparent when playing complex signals through demanding speakers. Since the amplifier is typically always working in a state of transient activity - music is primarily made up of transient impulses - these improvements can be heard immediately.

The circuit concepts of the SV-237 MKII's predecessors were already optimized for a very high signal-to-noise ratio, however, another advantage of the improved circuit design in this model is an even higher SNR. It delivers an excellent performance on a huge range of loudspeaker without any of the noise that usually results from the use of tubes.

What's in the Box?

- 1x SV-237 MKII Unit
- 1x Power Cable
- 1x Remote Control VRC-12
- User Manual

About Vincent

Vincent is a German brand and manufacturer of Class-A Hi-Fi equipment. SInce 1995, Vincent has stood for continual development to 2-channel stereo in the high-end class.

Model Number SV237MKII.con
RRP 3,699.00

Frequency Response
20 Hz – 20 kHz (±0.5 dB)
20 Hz – 50 kHz (±2 dB)

Nominal Output Power RMS / 8 Ohm
2 x 150 Watt

Nominal Output Power RMS / 4 Ohm
2 x 250 Watt

Nominal Output Power Class A / 8 Ohm
2 x 10 Watt

Harmonic Distortion
< 0.1% (1 kHz, 1 W)

Input Sensitivity
300 mV

Signal-Noise Ratio
> 90 dB

Input Impedance
47 kOhm

Max. Power Consumption
563 Watt

2 x Stereo RCA
1 x Optical
1x Coaxial
1 x Bluetooth

1 x Stereo Pre Out
1x Stereo Rec Out
4 x 2 Speaker Terminal
2 x 3.5 mm Jack (Power Control)

1 x 12AX7, 2 x 6N1P

Playable Digital Formats

Black / Silver

20.4 kg

Dimensions (WxHxD)
430 x 150 x 435 mm

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