Solidsteel VL-3 Vinyl Library Rack 3-Shelf Walnut

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Brand new in the S Series, this Vinyl Library rack from Solidsteel is perfect for storing, displaying, and playing your records with style.

The VL series of racks is expandable, so you can add more shelves as needed.


 "The Verdict"

"The Solidsteel VL-3 gives you plenty of real estate for your hi-fi components and enough room to display your cherished vinyl. This piece of audio furniture looks good and is a sure improvement over standard flatpack furniture, as it’s been designed with audio in mind. A definite contender for those looking to house their hi-fi and records together, as few purpose-designed hi-fi racks offer this."

Read the full review by Jay Garrett on StereoNET

Solidsteel VL - Sonically Splendid

No need to compromise style for acoustic fidelity, or vice-versa. The Solidsteel VL Vinyl Library rack is perfect for storing your records, as well as displaying and using your sensitive hi-fi equipment.

Key Features

- Minimalistic form
- Sturdy construction
- Expandable with additional shelves
- Protects equipment from external vibration
- 325/225mm of vertical space between shelves
- Bottom shelf accommodates 120+ records
- Resonance-free construction
- Made with high-quality Italian materials
- Included hard-floor protector pads for spikes


Tubes: Aluminium with damping material
Floor Spikes + Pads: Stainless Steel
Shelves: Polymer laminated Medium-density fibreboard (MDF)


Comparing components sat on an Ikea Kallax to those on the VL-3, the latter allows for a more natural presentation thanks to being a less resonant, better-coupled platform, especially at frequency extremes. There was also overall improved separation, particularly during vinyl playback.

- Jay Garrett, StereoNET  |  Read the full review

Grows with you

Consistent with Solidsteel's catalogue of high-end racks, the VL range is expandable and customisable, meaning you can add extra shelves as you need. Turn your three-shelf rack into a four-shelf, your four-shelf into a five, and so on as you require.

Typically racks that are modular in this way are gimmicky or cheaply made, but Solidsteel is dedicated to both quality and expandability in their products. For a high-quality vinyl library rack that grows with your system and collection, look no further than Solidsteel's VL range.

Add an extra shelf to your VL rack with an additional shelf kit, available separately.

Sound Design

With hi-fi appliances, especially high-end equipment, manufacturers attempt to minimize internal vibration. However, this effort cannot completely protect against vibrations introduced by speakers and other external factors. This is where a trustworthy rack is essential to playing back your media free from disruptions to performance or causing damage to the equipment.

The solid structure and acoustically considered design enable superb audio performance from your equipment.
Each of the aluminium poles is filled with a unique damping material to minimise unwanted resonance with the shelves. The same level of care that is applied in the design of a loudspeaker enclosure has been taken here, to ensure that this unit is not picking up and amplifying unwanted vibrations at key frequencies.

The stainless steel floor spikes included are adjustable, to finely regulate the frame on uneven surfaces. They also are critical in minimizing energy transferred from the floor up through the poles of the rack, and ultimately into your equipment.
These heavy-duty stainless steel floor spikes are designed to stabilize the rack on carpeted floors. For hard surfaces, protective pads are included.

Ventilation Matters

Most home theatre equipment needs ample ventilation to ensure they don't overheat. Enclosed cabinets can cause unexpected shutdown and could potentially reduce the lifespan of your AV appliances. The advantage of this unit is that it allows your equipment to breathe properly.

About the VL Series

This range of racks by Solidsteel draws heavily from the S3 range in its design, and shares many of the same features. Made of clean lines and a high level of polish, the result is an aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture that enhances your home hi-fi experience. 

About Solidsteel

Solidsteel is an Italian company that has been creating high-quality hi-fi furniture since 1990. They specialise in high-end racks, cabinets, audio stands, speaker stands and wall shelves for home, commercial and pro use.

Originally constructed using primarily heavy steel, the Italian company now uses a variety of materials in their production, resulting in the solid, but not immovable products we know and love today.

Model Number VL-3-WAL
RRP 1,599.00

Tubes: Aluminium with damping material
Floor Spikes + Pads: Stainless Steel
Shelves: Polymer laminated Medium-density fibreboard (MDF)

Shelves: 3
Shelf Thickness: 22mm
Max Loading Per Shelf: 120kg

Inner Shelf Space (WxDxH)
Top: 480 x 410 x 225mm (x2)
Bottom: 480 x 410 x 325mm (x2)

Weight: 37kg

Width: 1280mm
Height: 711mm
Depth: 410mm

Shelf Colour: Walnut
Leg Colour: Black

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