Marantz Model 40n Stereo Integrated Amplifier

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Integrated Stereo Amplifier with Streaming Built-In

Marantz has reimagined the integrated amplifier for the digital age while preserving a luxurious analog feel and sound. Meet the Model 40n.


 "The Verdict"

"Marantz's Model 40n proved to be an absolute winner, delivering a rich feature set and outstanding performance at a bargain price. Perfectly enjoyable in stock form, it also provides a myriad of upgrade paths if and when you are ready to take things further. Surely destined to bring joy to its owners, the only headache that it's going to deliver is to rival manufacturers."

Read the full review by Eric Teh on StereoNET

Marantz MODEL 40n - Integrated Stereo Amplifier with Streaming Built-in

Digital heart and analog soul. MODEL 40n unlocks the high-resolution sound of your favourite digital music streams (Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Tidal, and more) and your own music file libraries over AirPlay, Bluetooth, and HEOS®. Enjoy audio from your TV and its connected devices using built-in HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) connectivity. Enjoy rich, warm, Marantz sound from any source.

Created with passion and extraordinary attention to detail, every element brings you closer to the music you love

Key Features

• 2ch integrated "just-add-speakers" Hi-Fi receiver
• Delivers 2x 70W (8 ohms) power to your loudspeakers
• Each component is meticulously and masterfully tuned by Marantz sound masters for optimal performance
• Analogue + digital audio inputs, power amp input, pre-out, and HDMI ARC input for TV audio
• Built-in Marantz Musical Phono EQ MM stage makes adding a turntable easy
• Headphone output + subwoofer output
• Precise tone control to tune the sound to your exact needs and preferences
• Better channel separation, dynamic range and distortion reduction from the newly designed electric volume circuit
• Premium Marantz SPKT-1+ speaker terminals
• Marantz proprietary HDAM circuit provides a wider dynamic range with lower distortion
• Built-in DAC supports hi-res files up to PCM 192 kHz / 24 bit, DSD 5.6 MHz
• HEOS Built-in for multi-room streaming, music streaming from compatible services, and voice control
• Built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, and Apple Airplay 2
• Supports all major voice control agents and streaming services
• Double-shielded toroidal transformer and high-quality, customized components deliver exceptional sound quality

Owner's Manual (PDF, 3MB)


The first thing that you notice is its sure-footed grip on bass lines that is tight, deep and tuneful. The second is the sense of flow – music just washes over you organically. The soundstage is presented as a cohesive canvas instead of spotlighting instruments and vocals. Tonally, the Model 40n has what I would describe as 'soft-neutral' tuning. Even-handed throughout the frequency range, there is a pleasantness to mid and high frequencies that lacks harshness and sharp edges. However, it does this without sounding rolled off or lacking in detail.

- Eric Teh, StereoNET  |  Read the full review


The Most Musical Sound

Extensively tuned by Marantz sound masters to deliver an exquisite sonic signature. No component leaves the hands of Marantz sound masters until it passes rigorous testing. Envelop yourself with the most musical sound, from any source.

Engineered and extensively tuned by a team drawing on more than 65 years of Hi-Fi expertise, the Model 40n provides exceptional performance for your audio collection. Whether digital or analog, enjoy the most musical sound from any source.


The Most Musical Sound From Any Source

A full complement of analog and digital inputs plus built-in streaming and HDMI make listening enjoyable and easy regardless of source.


Stream Millions Of Hi-Resolution Songs

Stream from Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, and more or enjoy your own music file libraries. Works with Alexa, Google, and Siri.


Whole-Home Hi-Fi

Create a multiroom musical experience with the MODEL 40n as your home’s music hub.


HDMI Input Adds AV Connectivity

HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) adds uncommon flexibility to this stereo amplifier by enabling TV sound through your stereo.



High-Resolution Digital Streaming Built-In

MODEL 40n is for those whose music collection is infinite and online. Connect to your network with Wi-Fi or ethernet. With HEOS® Built-in, you won’t need extra equipment to stream your favourite tunes. MODEL 40n supports Spotify, AirPlay 2, Apple Music, Bluetooth, Tidal, TuneIn, and more services—plus, playback of your own collection via USB-A input or on compatible home servers.

Wide Range of Connectivity

The Model 40n is equipped with multiple analogue and digital inputs, making it incredibly versatile as the core of your hi-fi system. Additionally, it features analogue audio outs and power amp ins, making it possible to slot the 40n into just about any existing system.

The Marantz Musical Phono EQ

The joy of vinyl playback is both audible and tactile yet requires highly specialized electronics for high performance. The Marantz Musical Phono EQ is built in so you can connect a turntable with MM cartridge directly to MODEL 40n. You’ll enjoy your favourite records and discover new ones, all without the burden of additional electronics.

Precise Tone Control

Your sound preferences at your fingertips. Adjust bass and treble to suit your sound or bypass for the purest sound possible.

Luxurious Look and Feel

MODEL 40n follows a long line of historic Marantz pieces notable for their exquisite design. Every aspect is considered—from premium materials, symmetry, classic porthole display, and even smooth operation of the volume control. Your stereo doesn’t need to look like lab equipment. Marantz MODEL 40n begs to be heard, seen, and touched.

Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Modules

To preserve the detail, nuance, and essence of the music you love, Marantz developed HDAM (Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Modules) which are superior in their speed and response to off-the-shelf modules found in other products. MODEL 40n leverages this unique Marantz innovation to ensure whatever you’re listening to is always the most musical.

Subwoofer Output

Deep bass is a visceral and exciting sensation. When partnered with equally excellent speakers, MODEL 40n produces impressive bass. If you want more, add a subwoofer using the dedicated subwoofer output and dial in the low-frequency crossover settings and level for precise integration with your main loudspeakers.

High Quality, Original Marantz SPKT-1+ Speaker Terminals

The speaker terminals of the Model 40n are made of dense brass with a thick silver plating to provide the best possible contact with speaker cables

Source Direct Function

To ensure the shortest signal path and utmost fidelity, the Model 40n features Marantz Source Direct function, which bypasses the tone and balance control circuitry for a straight path, delivering elevated sound purity.

Toroidal Transformer

A double-shielded toroidal transformer offers several advantages that derive from its efficiency and power capability. The Model 40n features a larger power supply transformer with four output transistors per channel with heavy copper bus bars and very short power pathways. These all add up to lower internal impedance and the ability to deliver instant high current capability. The power supply is separated from the amplification by the huge central heat sink and then the digital and phono stage are further isolated by a shielded case. This makes the 40n a highly dynamic amp and the perfect match for speakers that are typically difficult to drive.

HEOS Built-in

With HEOS® Built-in technology, enjoy your favourite music in any room of your home for a wireless, whole-home audio experience. Play the same song in every room or select a different song for each connected room — the choice is yours. Enjoy music from Spotify, Pandora, TIDAL and more or your local music file libraries. With additional HEOS® Built-in components, like HEOS-capable speakers, play all your music in one room or many.

Marantz AVR Remote App

The Marantz AVR Remote app for iOS and Android provides complete control over the latest Marantz network AV receivers. Use it to power on/off, adjust volume, input and settings, or switch instantly to the HEOS app.

AirPlay 2 + Apple Siri Voice Control

Stream audio from your favourite music services like Apple Music and Spotify or watch videos from services like YouTube and Netflix from any iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV. Hear the audio perfectly synced to your speakers from AirPlay 2 sources.

For multi-room audio, wirelessly stream content to multiple AirPlay 2 compatible devices simultaneously with improved audio buffering to ensure smooth audio playback. AirPlay 2 provides control and grouping of compatible audio devices within the Apple Music or Home app. Use AirPlay 2 in-app or with your voice via Siri.

Amazon Alexa Voice Control

Use your voice to stream your favourite music services to this HEOS Built-in device. Ask Alexa to play music from Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music and much more. Switch between inputs (Blu-ray, DVD, Media Player, etc.), turn the volume up or down, pause, mute and play the next song — all with your voice.

With HEOS and Alexa, you can stream to this product and any other product with HEOS Built-in.

Google Assistant Voice Control

Ask your Google Home, Google app or other devices with Google Assistant built-in to control content across your listening environment. Start music in the HEOS app, then ask your Google Assistant to control volume, play, pause, skip tracks and more.

Backed by Over 65 Years of Heritage

The most musical sound. Founded in 1953, Marantz has a long and rich history of designing audio components embraced by music lovers and critical listeners around the world. Because Music Matters, the Model 40n carries on the long Marantz tradition of delivering a best-in-class listening experience for music and television.

Model Number MODEL40N

Output Power

Rated Output Power
70W + 70W (8ohm)
100W + 100W (4ohm)



Power Amplifier Circuit

Power Transformer
Double Shielded Toroidal


Bass / Treble / Mid / Balance Control
Yes / Yes / - / Yes

Source Direct

Frequency Response
5Hz - 100kHz

Total Harmonic Distortion
0.02% (20Hz - 20kHz, 8Ω)

Damping Factor

Input Sensitivity
Phono Input: 2 mV / 47 kohm
CD/LINE/RECORDER: 220 mV / 20 kohm
Power Amplifier Input: 1.6 V / 15 kohm

SN Ratio
PHONO (MM): 87dB
CD: 106dB



Phono Input
Yes (MM)
Marantz Musical Phono EQ

Ext. Pre Input (Power Amp Direct)


Analog Input (include Phono) / REC Out (RCA)

Optical Input

Coaxial Input

HDMI Input/Output
1 / 0 (ARC) PCM only

1 (Rear), Mass Storage Class

Speaker Terminal

Remote Control Bus Terminal
Yes (RC-5 In / Out)

Subwoofer Pre-out Low Pass Filter
Selectable (40 Hz / 60 Hz / 80 Hz / 100 Hz / 120 Hz)




Remote Controller
System Remote (Amp and CD Player Control)



Product Dimensions (W x H x D)
443 x 130 x 432mm


Power Consumption
220W, 0.3W (Standby)

AC Inlet

Quick Start Guide



Panel Color

Front Center Panel

Side Cover

Top Cover

Yes (Dimmer)

Volume Knob

Input Selector

Bass/Treble/Balance/REC Out Sel knobs

Power Button

Chassis Material

Bottom Layer
Thicker double layer

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