Finding the Best TV Mount for Gaming Setups

Finding the Best TV Mount for Gaming Setups

Are you considering an upgrade for your gaming system? Instead of getting new gear, consider mounting your gaming TV. Mounting your television or monitor can add a professional touch to your setup and save space -- especially if you have your monitor or TV on a desk. It's essential to do some research before purchasing any mount; you want to make sure the mount you buy has the right combination of comfort, functionality, and style. Here's what you need to know when choosing a TV mount for your gaming setup:


Exploring Various TV Mount Types

Before delving into your specific setup, it's helpful to understand the different styles of TV mounts that are available:

Fixed TV mounts: These basic and affordable mounts keep your TV flat against the wall without adjustability. They may not offer enough versatility for some users, but they can save money if you don't require TV adjustment. Additionally, they tend to be flush against the wall compared to bulkier mounts with adjustable arms.
Tilting mounts: These mounts allow tilting the TV up or down, which can help minimize glare or accommodate various seating heights. Note that these change the angle of the TV but not the position.
Full-motion (articulating) TV mounts: Offering the most flexibility, these mounts enable swiveling, tilting, and extending the TV away from the wall. They're ideal for rooms with multiple viewing angles or seating areas.
Ceiling mounts: Suspending the TV from the ceiling, these mounts create a unique viewing experience and conserve wall space.

Evaluating Your Gaming Setup

Selecting the ideal mount involves examining your setup's specifics. Although you might be tempted to simply buy the best, most expensive mount and call it a day, doing so could be a waste of your money if you don't need a full range of motion, and you might not appreciate its bulkiness once installed. Instead, assess these essential aspects of your setup before picking a mount:

  • Room dimensions and size: Measure available space and consider the distance between your seating area and the TV for comfortable viewing.
  • Seating arrangements and viewing angles: Account for the number of seats, their positions, and each one's preferred viewing angle. Consider whether you enjoy sitting in different spots while gaming or frequently have guests, or if you mostly game in one position. Also, assess whether natural light in the room sometimes creates TV glare.
  • Gaming console and equipment positioning: Determine where your gaming consoles, sound systems, and other equipment will be located relative to the TV.

Essential Factors for TV Mount Selection

With a solid understanding of your setup and the desired mount type, you may have an idea of which mount type is best for you, but additional decisions await. Keep these factors in mind when choosing a specific mount:

Compatibility with TV size and weight

This is the most crucial consideration for any mount. Understand the size and weight restrictions of the mount you're considering, and ensure your TV falls within those limits to prevent damage and disappointment.

Adjustability and flexibility

After assessing your setup, determine the flexibility level required for your mount. A full-motion mount might be necessary if you need to accommodate various seating arrangements. Pay attention to each mount's swivel range and ensure it's sufficient for comfortable viewing from every angle. Conduct a "test" run using a tape measure the width of your TV to gauge how far you can actually adjust the mount.

Cable management and installation ease

Opt for mounts with integrated cable management systems and simple installation processes. Cables may need to cover longer distances when mounting your TV on the wall, which could be unsightly. Have a cable organization plan if your chosen mount lacks cable management solutions.

Durability and build quality

Invest in a TV mount made of high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting, reliable support for your TV. The constant strain on the mount can accumulate over time, so a mount made of sturdy materials is essential to prevent breakdown.

Those are the basic considerations you need to make to choose a mount that suits your setup. Of course, there are other factors that may influence your decision, especially if you're a thorough examiner when it comes to your electronics. Before making a purchase, take a minute to think about these tips as well:

  • Contemplate future upgrades and changes to your gaming setup, as you might require more flexibility or compatibility later on.
  • Choose a mount with built-in features such as a bubble level or a soundbar mount to streamline your gaming area.
  • Seek professional installation services if needed to guarantee the safe and proper installation of your TV mount.
  • Selecting the appropriate TV mount for your gaming setup is a vital step in crafting a comfortable and immersive gaming environment. By taking into account your unique gaming requirements and preferences, you can make an informed decision that will enhance your gaming experience for years to come.