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Scansonic HD MB5 B & Vincent tubeLine Hi-Fi Package


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As low as $22,999

RRP $25,711

• Elegant floorstanding speakers

• Ultra-light ribbon tweeters

• Dustcap-free 4.5" carbon cones

• Speakers made in Denmark  

• Vincent equipment made in Germany  

• Preamplifier and mono block power amplifier combo

• Stunning hybrid tube & transistor design

• High-Quality Tributaries Speaker Cables Included

• On Demo at our Hallam store

Scansonic MB B Series & Vincent tubeLine Package - Hi-Fi Bliss

German Hi-Fi meets Danish design and craftsmanship!

Celebrate your music collection with this premium dedicated stereo hi-fi system. Featuring the made in Denmark, MB5 B floorstanding speakers from Scansonic HD. These elegant 2.5-way speakers, feature curved and heavily braced cabinets with solid carbon reinforcements. The speakers are designed around a sealed ribbon-tweeter and a 4.5” carbon-coned woofer.

Pairing these elegant speakers with Vincent's SA-T7 Preamplifier and SP-T700 monoblock power amplifiers was a no brainer! Vincent has meticulously designed these units to complement one another and provide a luxurious listening experience. The combination of vacuum tubes and solid-state technology means you get the sweetness of tubes, but the power and efficiency of transistors.

The best amp & speaker system can only perform as well as your source device allows. Guaranteeing the best sound from your physical music is the Vincent CD-S7DAC CD player. This is a CD player and DAC that masters even the most nuanced differences in sound reproduction. Let yourself be impressed during a listening test. Consistent with the rest of the Vincent tubeLine equipment included in this package, the CD-S7DAC uses a hybrid amplifier with transistors and valves to achieve a clear and distinguished sonic character.

What's Included:

- Scansonic MB5 B Floorstanding Speakers
- Vincent SA-T7 Preamplifier
- Vincent SP-T700 Mono Block Power Amplifiers (x2)
- Vincent CD-S7DAC CD Player
- Tributaries Series 6 Stereo Audio Cables (1x 1m, 1x 1.5m)
- Tributaries Series 6 Speaker Cable With Banana Plugs (2x 1.8m)


Scansonic MB5 B

The MB5 B is a unique floor-standing speaker with four 4.5” carbon-coned drivers and a sealed ribbon-tweeter. The enclosure is heavily braced, curved and with solid carbon reinforcements. Together with the 4.5” carbon-coned drivers and the ribbon-tweeter, the MB5 B is able to deliver a very crisp and transparent sound with deep, controlled bass. The MB5 B shines in both smaller and larger rooms and is easy to place.

Key Features:

- The latest addition to the series
- 2.5-way floorstanding speaker pair
- Low mass ribbon tweeters
- Four 4.5″ carbon cone drivers
- Rounded cabinet design reduces diffraction and colouration
- Reflex port at base of speaker
- Adjustable feet made with high-quality aluminium
- Visually and tonally matches the rest of the MB Series speakers
- Authentic Scandinavian design
- Easy on the eyes and ears
- Maximum performance in the price range
- Technology inherited from world-renowned Raidho Acoustics speakers
- MB-B series speakers have been upgraded and optimized in almost all areas

"From a new and extended Raidho family, these Scansonic floorstanders now benefit from the 'GamuT touch'. Frankly, this system can reproduce a visceral weight, power and sheer musical presence that eludes many far bigger floorstanders."
Read more in the Hi-Fi News Outstanding Product Award review here


Vincent SA-T7 Stereo Preamplifier

With the SA-T7 Vincent have developed a preamplifier that raises the bar and brings truly musical, pure amplification of the audio signal to a level rarely conceived of before with tubes. Thanks to the newly developed BestPentode circuit (developed by chartered engineer Frank Blöhbaum), the current distribution noise typical of pentodes is now a thing of the past.

With the SA-T7's diverse range of high-quality digital and analogue inputs, you can run all your hi-fi equipment through this incredible-sounding hybrid amp separates system.

Key Features:

- Low Noise, High Fidelity Sound
- Newly developed BestPentode circuit
- Bypassable Tone & Gain Control
- 6 Analog Inputs & 2 Digital Inputs
- Total of 2 x RCA Pre-Outs, 1x Rec Output
- Included remote control for easy input selection & volume control

User Manual (PDF, 4MB)


Vincent SP-T700 Hybrid Mono Block Power Amplifiers (x2)

For the SP-T700, Vincent has designed a completely new hybrid amplifier, exploiting the respective advantages of tubes and transistors in an innovative manner, combining them to create a harmonious whole. The SP-T700 is characterised by excellent reproduction features that remain constant over the entire frequency and load range and it has a superior power reserve.

The tubes are 100% selected frame grid tubes from the military sector. They are designed for a lifetime of 10,000 hours.

These SP-T700 monoblock power amps make the perfect partner for the other Vincent tubeLine equipment in this package, and do incredible justice to the Scansonic MB B Series speakers.

Key Features:

- Tube & Transistor amplification
- Stunningly True Sound Reproduction
- Superior Power Reserve.
- Output to 2 speakers Simultaneously

User Manual (PDF, 3MB)


Vincent CD-S7DAC CD Player

The ultimate CD player from Vincent. Immerse yourself in warm analog sound reproduction, whether the source is CD or digital input. 

The CD-S7DAC uses a hybrid amplifier with transistors and valves to achieve a clear and distinguished sonic character.

Key Features:

- Hybrid Tube & Solid State Processing
- Digital Inputs for D/A Conversion
- State-of-the-art components
- Analog & Digital Outputs
- Headphone output for personal listening
- 12V Power Control for central control

User Manual (PDF, 5MB)


Tributaries Stereo Audio 2RCA Cables

Ensure that no detail is lost in the journey from source to speakers with these high-quality stereo audio cables from Tributaries. Two sets of 2RCA cables are supplied in order to connect the CD Player to the Pre-Amp, and the Pre-Amp to the Power Amps.

The Series 6 RCA cables begin with ultra-pure highly conductive oxygen free copper (HC-OFC) developed specifically for audio applications. Each conductor is engineered with dual solid gauge wires that are mathematically and tonally chosen to support low, mid and high frequencies.

Key Features:

- Assembled by hand in Orlando Florida, USA
- Precision-Twisted Twin-Axial 20AWG HC-OFC conductors
- Sophisticated multi-gauge design for superior bass & midrange
- Insulated conductors eliminate strand interaction/distortion
- Dual shielded to lower the noise floor
- Gold-plated solid-brass RCA connectors
- Decorative woven jacket over a UL CL2 PVC jacket
- 1m & 1.5m cables included


Tributaries Speaker Cable With Banana Plugs

Connect your speakers with these high-quality pre-terminated speaker cables from Tributaries.

The Series 6 Star-Quad Speaker cable begins with ultra-pure highly conductive oxygen-free copper (HC-OFC) developed specifically for audio applications. Two 11AWG conductors consist of multiple solid gauges that are mathematically and tonally chosen to support low, mid and high frequencies for a natural sounding cable.

Key Features:

- Assembled by hand in Orlando Florida, USA
- Star-Quad design reduces cable inductance & distortion
- Two 11AWG HC-OFC conductors for superior signal transfer
- Sophisticated multi-gauge design for superior bass, mids & highs
- Insulated solid conductor eliminates distortion with stranded bundles
- Each pre-terminated cable connects a single speaker
- Terminated with spring clip banana plugs
- Decorative woven jacket over a UL CL2 PVC Jacket
- 2x 1.8m cables included


BestPentode Tube design

The SA-T7 features a linear amplification method, which results in an extremely low level of noise introduced into the signal. Far lower than any other preamplifier in its range. This is achieved with Vincent's new tube technology.

The BestPentode device has a higher level of amplifying small noise than other triodes. This high-level grid pentode type CV6189 tube displays its whole potential. This tube is a new old stock (NOS) from storage that was used for amplifying high-frequency signals around the clock in telecommunication and has a guaranteed service life of 10,000 hours.

The impedance converter consists of a grid triode type 6S3P-EV. A long life Russian military-grade vacuum tube that was used in a MIG's airborne radar. The noiseless power supply connectors of the BestPentode device provides for an extremely pure audio transmission. Vincent developed their own module called Vimala (meaning in Sanskrit "pure, transparent and clear") for this purpose.


The SA-T7's front panel features gain and tone-control options that allow you to make fine adjustments to the sound of your source material before it hits the main amplifier. Make tone adjustments with the treble and bass dials on the front of the unit. Deactivating the Tone switch on the front of the unit bypasses these controls completely, giving you the option of listening to a pure direct audio path.

Connection Options

The SA-T7 includes connections for a wide range of audio sources, accepting both analogue sources via the 6 stereo RCA inputs, and digital sources via the Optical and Digital Coax inputs. The digital inputs let you enjoy two-channel audio from Blu-ray players, streaming devices, set-top boxes, CD players, etc. Inside the SA-T7 is a PCM 5100-based DAC providing 24-bit/192 kHz performance, so your digital content is reproduced correctly in top-notch analogue format. In addition to this on the output side, the SA-T7 offers two stereo RCA-type preamp outputs along with one stereo RCA-type 'Record' out.

On the CD-S7DAC, you'll find a USB input, optical and coaxial digital audio inputs allow a myriad of sources to make use of the DAC. A high-quality 1/4" output allows you to make use of the processing benefits of this player, and hear it in clear detail in your favourite headphones. As well as the standard RCA outputs, a special property of this player is the balanced XLR audio outputs. As well as this, for connecting to a digital amplifier, a digital coaxial output is included. This range of output connection options enables you to create a system with unrivalled sound and performance quality.

The Best of Two Worlds

Subtle reproduction of voices and acoustic instruments, plus the strength and punch of a huge rock stage - the SP-T700 is an exceptional power amplifier that meets such contradictory requirements with elegant ease. This is only possible due to the latest tube technology, combined with a transistor end-stage. The outcome: Inspiring sound, plus power and comprehensive speaker control.

Vacuum tubes in hi-fi amplifiers are highly revered, and a sign of high manufacturing quality. Vincent takes their visual aesthetic just as seriously as the performance of their products. Because of this, Vincent has included a tube-viewing port on the front panel of their tubeLine products. With a switch on the back, you can switch the backlight on or off.

State-of-the-Art Components

In order to read out the digital signals of the CD-S7DAC CD, the Sanyou Chip DA11 is used. The software for this has been developed on its own and stands for a secure reading of all the CDs. In this flagship CD player, the power supply has been improved. For the supply of the power, a toroidal transformer has been used. In the power supply, a 6Z4, as well as a 12AX7 tube, ensure the supply of the necessary voltages. This allows the stable playback and superb performance you'd expect from a CD Player and DAC of this calibre.


Scandinavian design and build quality

The MB5 B has a solid foundation in the Nordic design tradition. It is simple, sleek, elegant and visually square when seen directly from the front, and curved and organic when seen from an angle.

The rounded edges of the cabinet reduce diffraction and minimize the sonic imprint on the frequency response. It does not matter if your home features a modern or classic decor, or anything in-between, the timeless design of the MB5 B will fit in any space.

The internal construction has been changed, in order to optimize airflow which combined with the minimalistic use of damping-material has created a very dynamic and linear low-frequency reproduction

The old acoustically vented cabinets have now been replaced with a ported cabinet, which is tuned for optimal impulse response - resulting in a more linear, dynamic and detailed low-end reproduction, while at the same time making in-room placement of the speaker much easier and versatile.

Ribbon Tweeters

It was clear to Scansonic from the very beginning, that some core techniques from the Raidho speakers would be of great importance: The speakers had to be designed around a ribbon tweeter that works with at super lightweight diaphragm that is sealed around the edges to allow for a seamless transition to the midrange region.

The MB-B ribbon tweeter has a membrane with an extremely low mass. It is formed by a Kapton-aluminum sandwich that is only 20 um thick, and the resulting mass is app. 0.03g, which is approximately 50 times less than any conventional textile, ceramic, beryllium or diamond dome. The lower mass translates directly into higher resolution and less material colouration.

Redesigned Crossover

The crossovers have been completely redesigned. This has resulted in a much more linear and natural sound, which is clearly visible throughout the whole MB-B range. The crossover has been designed to time-align all drive units at listening distance. The result is a speaker which not only presents a large and precise soundstage, it also boasts a timing that will make your foot tap and put a big smile on your face!

Weaved Carbon Cones

For the MB-B series, Scansonic developed a ridged, dustcap free, carbon membrane. By carefully optimizing the shape and stiffness, Scansonic has succeeded in making a very quiet woofer that blends beautifully with the ribbon tweeter. The woofer has an overhung magnet system, with long linear stroke and excellent bass performance.

The drivers are carefully designed to match the slim enclosure. The carbon-cone benefits from a very low weight, which in combination with the powerful magnet system, offers a very dynamic sound.

A nice side effect of these design choices is that the break-in period has been reduced greatly to around 100 hours, meaning you can hear the best sound your speakers can offer sooner.

About Scansonic HD

It would be impossible to introduce Scansonic without first mentioning Raidho. Having worked with Raidho speakers for more than 12 years, this Danish group of engineers and designers found themselves facing a completely new challenge when they were tasked with creating a new range of high-performance speakers for the Scansonic brand.

From the start, Scansonic's team were dedicated to building on all the experiences and strengths obtained from designing the Raidho speakers. At the same time, they also had to be aware of the long heritage and the Nordic design tradition of the Scansonic brand. The ultimate goal was to create the very best possible speakers within reasonable financial limits.





More Information
Model Number BUN900821
RRP 25,711.00

Scansonic MB5 B Floorstanding Speakers


Size (WxHxD): 178 x 1185 x 319 mm
Weight: 24 kg
Freq. response: 29 Hz – 40.000 Hz
Impedance: > 4 ohm
Sensitivity: 90 dB
Crossover: 250 Hz + 2600 Hz / Minimum phase
Enclosure: Curved, heavily braced, ventilated box design with adjustable aluminium feet
Drive units: 1 x Ribbon tweeter · 1 x 4.5″ Midrange · 3 x 4.5″ Woofer
Finish: Black/White-silk
Amplification: We recommend high-quality amplifiers >50W

Vincent SA-T7 Preamplifier

Frequency response: 10 Hz – 100 kHz +/- 0.1 dB,
Nominal output voltage: 3 Volt
Harmonic distortion: < 0.001 % (1 kHz, Output voltage 2Veff at 10k Ohms)
Amplification: Typical 13.3 dB (volume controller max. gain)
Input sensitivity: 430 mV (for 2 Volt output voltage)
Signal-noise ratio: Typical >100 dB(A)
Input impedance: > 22 kOhm
Tubes: 2 x 6SCH9P ; 2 x 6SCH51P, 4 x 6S3P-EV; 1 x 85A2

6 x stereo RCA, 1 x optical, 1 x coax
2 x stereo RCA (Pre Out), 1 x stereo RCA (Rec Out),
2 x 3.5 mm Jack socket (Power Control)

Colour: Black/Silver
Weight: 8.5 kg
Dimensions (WxHxD): 430 x 135 x 370 mm


Vincent SP-T700 Mono Block Power Amplifier

Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz +/- 0.5dB

Nominal Output Power:
RMS / 4 Ohm:
 300 Watt,
RMS 8 Ohm: 150 Watt,
Class A/8 Ohm: 10 Watt

Harmonic Distortion: < 0.01 % (1 kHz, 1 Watt); <0.1% (1kHz, 25 Watt)
Input Sensitivity: 1 Volt (for 25 Watt RMS at 4 Ohm)
Signal-Noise Ratio: > 90 dB
Input Impedance: > 22 kOhm
Tubes: 1 x 6S3P-EV; 1 x 6SCH9P, 1 x 6Z4

Inputs: 1 x mono RCA, 1 x 3.5 mm Jack socket (Power Control)
Outputs: 2 x 2 Speaker terminals, 1 x 3.5 mm Jack socket (Power Control)

Colour: Black /Silver
Weight: 16 kg
Dimensions (WxHxD): 210 x 263 x 400 mm


Vincent CD-S7DAC CD Player

D/A converter: 24 bit / 192 kHz
Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 KHz +/-0.5 dB
Harmonic distortion: < 0.005 %
Signal-noise ratio: > 94 dB
Dynamic range: > 100 dB
Audio output voltage: 2.5 V
Channel separation: > 90 dB
Tubes: 2 x 6922, 1 x 6Z4, 1 x 12AX7B

1 x USB, 1 x digital optical, 1 x digital coaxial
1 x 3.5 mm Jack socket (Power Control)

1 x stereo RCA, 1 x stereo XLR, 1 x digital coaxial
1 x 3.5 mm Jack socket (Power Control)

Colours: Black/Silver
Weight: 9 kg
Dimensions (WxHxD): 430 x 132 x 356 mm

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