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REL T/9x Subwoofer

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REL's Serie T/x is instantly seen as crisper, fresher, and a full upgrade over the previous iteration. Their goals were not simply to improve upon its illustrious predecessor, but to deliver as much as possible of their latest Serie S models on a budget. Faster, more transparent sounding system performance awaits you with higher output levels and even greater impact.

REL T/9x - The Series Flagship

The job of any range-topper for REL is to deliver more of everything, particularly output and dynamics. The 9x is no different in this regard, as it delivers the goods in both music and theatre applications. 9x, however, delivers a level of intimacy, clarity and speed that means there are no longer trade-offs between the sonic balance of smaller models weighed against the power and scale of a model 9.

The all-new 9x has even greater output than before, but the headline news is the way it sacrifices nothing in clarity and transparency to achieve this. At this price, it opens the pathway for owners of high-performance European floor and stand-mounted monitors and smaller panel speakers to enjoy truly full-range sound.

Key Features:

• Flagship model of the Serie T/x
• An evolution of the popular T/9
• Closed box, dual-driver subwoofer delivers a room-filling sound
• 10" Active Driver & 10" Passive Radiator
• 300W RMS of power from the Class A/B amplifier
• In-room frequency response down to -6dB at 27Hz
• High-level, Low-level, & LFE inputs
• Finished with 5 coats of high-gloss black or white lacquer
• Compatible with the Arrow wireless transmitter system (sold separately)

"This is a remarkable achievement in terms of redesigning and reengineering an existing product, and one that’s sure to please existing fans of the brand. It should also make it plenty of new ones. Don’t be fooled by its diminutive appearance, this capable subwoofer delivers powerfully deep bass with exceptional speed and flair."
Read the full Home Cinema Choice review 

Outsized Performance - Innovative Alloy/Fibre Bass Engines

Achieving higher output with better control requires a complete overhaul of the suspension components. Much like the suspension on a sports car, these items are responsible for the tuning and feel of REL's designs. By increasing the cabinet volume, efficiency is improved yielding higher output for no more amplifier power. Less backpressure inside the cabinet means REL can tune for a stiffer, better-controlled driver suspension. They have retained the best aspects of their previous design, such as the aluminium centre cap responsible for stiffening the lightweight 10” (250mm) cone while adding almost no mass. The updated combination produces considerably better attack and dynamics with greater transparency.

Tried and True Amplifiers - The Brains Behind The Brawn

REL has retained their signature Class A/B amplifiers used in every generation of Serie T since 2006. Reliability is the key to happy ownership and with some 200,000 and counting of this range leading long happy lives, Serie T/x owners can feel certain of REL’s standard-setting reliability. The powerful 300-watt mosfet amplifier used in the T/9x remains an icon with huge reserves of current, massive power supplies but small upgrades are found everywhere. New driver mosfets that open up performance and transparency and new methods for securing the toroidal transformers mean better performance and superior strength.

Filtered for Purity

REL’s legendary High-Level Input connection and fast filters are a significant part of the REL story. Connecting via the speaker outputs of your amplifier without drawing any power from it may seem like magic, but the real magic lies in the way the sound takes on a natural character. Unique tuning and special limiters means the T/x range sounds fresher, faster and more dynamic than before.

Reimagined, Then Reengineered

Many don’t realize the intense linkage between performance and design in REL's subwoofers. Performance is everything to REL, and so it drives physical design revisions. Their engineers, recognizing the need for greater acoustic volume to achieve the goals of greater fluidity and power, turn to the designer who works dimensions to fool the eye into seeing a smaller, more compact footprint even though cabinet volume increases. Using gently rounded corner radii that allows the eye to flow over and see less visual mass. The result is both modern and familiar with no unnecessary adornment.

Zero Compression Wireless - Optional Wireless Transmitter

REL has developed a sterling reputation for building the finest sounding, fastest wireless systems available in the industry. This leading brand never rely upon digital compression as it results in thin, lifeless sound. Instead, they have perfected an optional wireless transmitter system; so fast and dynamic we’re comfortable encouraging the use of wireless on one channel of a pair of RELs while the other channel may be connected hardwired with cable.

For freedom of sub placement, purchase the Arrow Wireless Transmitter System here

Serie T/x - Beyond Convention

REL Acoustics prefer to refine, to build generationally upon a solid foundation while searching relentlessly for every possible way to legitimately improve upon their past performance. Their goals were not simply to improve upon its illustrious predecessor, but to deliver as much as possible of the latest Serie S on a budget.

Serie T/x is instantly seen as crisper, fresher, and a full upgrade. Faster, more transparent sounding system performance awaits you with higher output levels and even greater impact.

REL Acoustics - Do One Thing. Do It Perfectly.

We make subwoofers. That’s it. Nothing else. No distractions. Nothing to steal our focus. No kidding ourselves that we can be good at everything. No trying to conquer the whole world. We just do our best to conquer our bit of it.

We obsess over the details, never satisfied, never finished, constantly refining, simplifying, building iteratively upon what has come before. This is the path to perfection, a never-ending pursuit for better.

From the beginning, this has been a labour of love, born from a desire for a more perfect sound experience. It began with one man’s dissatisfaction with the performance of subwoofers available at the time. That search for better, that pursuit of perfect sound remains the driving force behind REL. It has persisted through changes in ownership, it has driven massive advancements in technology and innovations in designs. Turning loose the power, the drama and the fun that lies within great music and movies.

We take this approach on every model, no matter its size or price. Because we believe the pursuit of perfect sound is a worthy endeavor, one that can start anywhere and last a lifetime. We hope you’ll join us.

More Information
Model Number T/9x
RRP 2,399.00


Front-firing active driver, down-firing passive

10 in. FibreAlloy™, 254mm long-throw, inverted alloy dust cap, steel chassis

10 in., 254mm long-throw, inverted dust cap

-6dB at 27 Hz

High-Level Neutrik Speakon, Low-Level single RCA, LFE RCA


300 watts (RMS)

Class A/B

Arrow (Optional), Zero Compression, Single Large Scale Integrated Chip


Protection System




220-240 volts, 110-120 volts for certain markets

3.15 Amp semi delay 230 volts operation, 6.3 Amp semi delay 115 volts operation



370 x 340 x 393 mm (14.5 x 13.4 x 15.5 in.)

20.6 kg (45.5 lbs.)

High Gloss Black, High Gloss White, 5 coats


Supplied Accessories


Yes (10 Meters Nominal)


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3 Years
All REL sub-bass systems carry a three-year warranty covering full parts & labour.

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