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Epson + Yamaha + Polk RT In-Wall Home Cinema Pack


In stock

As low as $7,599

RRP $9,211

• Huge 3-metre screen (120-inches)

• 4K UHD home theatre projector

• True cinema experience with behind-screen speakers

• Polk in-wall speaker system

• Powerful & smart Yamaha surround sound receiver

• Source devices and cables included!

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Epson + Yamaha + Polk RT In-Wall Home Cinema Pack
Epson + Yamaha + Polk RT In-Wall Home Cinema Pack

In stock



    True Home Cinema!

    This home theatre package features a 4K Optoma projector and a 120-inch screen, so you can have the big screen experience in your own home theatre! The package also features a Yamaha network-enabled AV receiver, powering a full surround set of Polk RT-Series installation speakers for immersive but discreet surround sound.

    This discreet 5.1 in-wall speaker system from American loudspeaker manufacturer, Polk, is invisibly loud. This package of in-wall speakers is an ideal solution for home theatres or media rooms where a discreet system is required but you're not prepared to compromise on the quality of sound. These speakers can be installed next to a projector or television or behind acoustically transparent projector screens.

    Powering this speaker system is the new Yamaha RX-V6A 7.2-channel surround sound receiver. This powerful amp offers a huge number of ways to connect and can handle anything you throw at it. Read on to discover how this package can sound so large, but appear so modest.

    What's Included:

    • Epson EH-TW6250 4K Home Theatre Projector
    • Encore 120" Fixed Frame Screen
    • Yamaha RX-V6A Receiver
    • Dynalink HD Digital Terrestrial Set Top Box
    • Polk 265-RT Front In-Wall Speakers
    • Polk 255c-RT Centre In-Wall Speaker
    • Polk 65-RT Surround In-Wall Speakers
    • Polk HTS10 Subwoofer
    • White Projector Mount Ceiling Bracket
    • Selby Premium HDMI Cables
    • Subwoofer Cable
    • 100m 16 AWG In-Wall Speaker Cable


    Epson EH-TW6250 4K PRO-UHD Home Theatre Projector

    Key Features:

    • Dedicated 4K Pixel-Shift Processor
    • 35,000:1 Contrast Ratio
    • 2,800 Lumens colour + white light output
    • Advanced 3LCD, 3-chip technology
    • Chromecast built-in
    • 2-Year Projector Warranty

    Brilliant image quality requires high colour brightness (colour light output). The EH-TW6250, powered by 3LCD technology, can produce white light and colour light output of 2,800 lumens in 4K enhancement resolution, delivering amazing colour brightness for every environment, even in rooms with ambient light. Epson projectors use 3LCD Engines that have no colour wheel with a white segment and therefore don't force a tradeoff between white and colour brightness.

     "The Verdict"

    "Epson's EH-TW6250 is not only a very capable smart projector but an excellent all-rounder. Its small size means it's highly portable, with the inbuilt media player and speakers meaning it can cater to most needs with minimal fuss. Of course, if you're looking for a budget home theatre projector, its excellent image quality means it will easily fit the bill. Not only is this the best projector I've seen for the money, but it will also give some higher-priced rivals a run for theirs."

    Read the full review by Tony O'Brien on StereoNET

    Yamaha RX-V6A Receiver

    Get more from your entertainment. With crystal clear images and immersive sound, the brand-new RX-V6A makes every moment feel real.

    Key Features:

    • 7.2 Channel High Slew Rate Surround Amplifier
    • Brand new look and interface
    • 100W Power Per Channel (8 Ohms, 20Hz - 20kHz, 0.06% THD)
    • 3x Analogue, 1x Optical, 1x Digital Coax Audio Inputs
    • 7x HDMI Inputs (* 3x 8K@60Hz Signal Strength)
    • * HDR 10+, 8K/60 Hz and 4K/120 Hz
    • Dolby Atmos / Zone 2 Compatible
    • Atmos Height Virtualisation
    • FM & DAB+ Radio
    • MusicCast & Airplay 2
    • Pure Direct mode
    • YPAO Setup Mic with R.S.C + Multi-Point
    • Wireless Surround Support
    • Dual Subwoofer Outputs
    • Web Setup / Control 4 Driver


    Polk 265-RT In-Wall Front Speakers

    The Vanishing Series 265-RT in-wall 3-way speakers with paintable grilles offer full-range, dynamic audio without visible speaker boxes. Superior controls and the patented Power Port bass venting system guarantee spectacular sound in any room environment. Build a complete high-performance audio system that always delivers and never distracts with these low-key loudspeakers.

    Key Features:

    • 3-way design
    • High-performance audio with a design built for a flush fit with your wall
    • Tweeters set in a 15° swivel housing provide direct high-frequency control
    • Innovative Polk Audio technology in a discrete, easy-to-install package
    • 10W - 200W recommended amplifier power
    • Dual 6.5" poly cone bass/midrange drivers with rubber surrounds
    • 1" dynamic balance silk dome tweeter

    These large 3-way speakers are essentially wall-mounted tower speakers in terms of performance. Installed vertically, these expertly-designed speakers deliver a wall of sound that is guaranteed to impress, especially when let loose in larger rooms.

    They are ideal for home cinema or media room applications as main fronts in a surround sound setup but will perform equally well in two-channel stereo music listening.

    The 265-RT feature patented Polk Audio technology and construction techniques that produce powerful, deep bass, especially when you need it most. Patented bass venting design smoothly transitions airflow, eliminating turbulence and distortion, for deeper, more efficient bass impact.


    Polk 255c-RT In-Wall Centre Speaker

    The Vanishing Series 255c-RT is the centrepiece of a world-class stealth home theatre. Paintable to match any décor, this in-wall centre channel speaker blends in perfectly with its surroundings. Anchoring all the action without attracting attention, the 255c-RT ensures all you see is screen, and all you hear is dynamic, crystal clear sound.

    Key Features:

    • 2-way design
    • High-performance audio with a design built for a flush fit with your wall
    • Tweeters set in a 15° swivel housing provide direct high-frequency control
    • Innovative Polk Audio technology in a discrete, easy-to-install package
    • Twin 5.25" poly cone bass/midrange drivers with rubber surrounds
    • 1" dynamic balance silk dome tweeter
    • Plenty of volume with 90dB sensitivity at 1m
    • Centre channel upgrade available (optional)

    This centre channel features the same tweeter as seen in the front channel speakers. This gives your front 3 speakers, the most demanding aspect of your home theatre, a consistent and balanced sound. For centre stage audio that brings your movies, shows, and games to life, look no further than this powerful centre channel.



    Polk 65-RT In-Wall Surround Speakers

    Polk's patented PowerPort bass venting system greatly enhances the smooth low-end response in this easy-to-place, single-woofer in-wall speaker. Recommended for use as surround channels, these versatile speakers can also be used as the left and right front channel speakers in a smaller system.

    Key Features:

    • 2-way design
    • High-performance audio with a design built for a flush fit with your wall
    • Tweeters set in a 15° swivel housing provide direct high-frequency control
    • Innovative Polk Audio technology in a discrete, easy-to-install package
    • PowerPort for venting bass
    • 6.5" poly cone bass/midrange drivers with rubber surrounds
    • 1" dynamic balance silk dome tweeter

    Reflective surfaces in rooms can make sound brighter and cause image distortion. Engaging the Vanishing reflective room compensation feature, which is present on all the speakers in this package, lowers the tweeter level to compensate for reflective surfaces. Vanishing reflective room compensation is a custom audio control that cuts the level only in the 4-5kHz range, exactly where reflectivity destroys sound quality.

    If your loudspeakers need to be installed closer than 2 feet from side walls, the proximity of the surface can result in a response bump between 50 and 200Hz. This can create a ‘boomy' sound. The Vanishing wall distance toggle switch is a custom audio control that adjusts the crossover to flatten response and tune out boominess, without sacrificing deep bass response.

    For superior dynamics in practically invisible multi-zone music systems, virtually-flush mounting with a minimal-flange design means these speakers never attract attention by their looks, only by their performance.



    Polk HTS 10 Subwoofer

    The Polk HTS 10 subwoofer enhances home theatre and music listening with powerful deep bass. It features a long-throw Dynamic Balance 10” driver, patented Power Port technology and a state-of-the-art Class D amplifier. Easily accessible controls for volume, low pass filter, and phase correction. Connect via LFE (unfiltered/low pass disabled) or stereo line-level RCA inputs.

    Curved edges offer a sensual yet powerful look that fits with any home decor - available in a stunning black washed walnut or classic brown walnut finish.

    Key Features:

    • Deep Bass for Home Theatre and Music
    • Front-firing long-throw 10” Polypropylene Dynamic Balance and Klippel optimised driver
    • Floor-firing patented Power Port Technology for deeper bass response and reduced port noise
    • Complete Control - built-in controls for variable volume, low pass filter and phase (0/180°) for optimum bass levels.
    • Universal compatibility from stereo RCA and LFE inputs

    Upgrade or add another subwoofer! [Optional]

    Have a larger room, or just want more bass in your system? Upgrade to the Polk HTS 12 for an even bigger bottom-end. You can also add a second Polk subwoofer for an even deeper and more immersive bass experience in your home entertainment system. Running dual subwoofers provides you with more placement options and performs better in larger rooms.



    Make it a 7.1 or Dolby Atmos pack with additional speakers! [Optional]

    Not content with a 5.1 setup? Add an additional pair of 65-RT in-wall or matching 90-RT in-ceiling speakers to make it a 7.1 or Dolby Atmos (5.1.2) pack! With compatible films, this option expands the surround experience with side/rear or specialised height channels as well as rear channels making your favourite films even more immersive.

    Polk 90-RT
    The Vanishing® Series 90-RT features a unique 3-way driver array that produces big, full-range performance from a deceptively small in-ceiling speaker. A big speaker that delivers big sound yet vanishes into your room's decor.

    From the same series as the rest of this package, these in-ceiling speakers are a perfect match for this system and will bring your home theatre to new heights.

    Key Features:

    • 3-way design
    • 'Hidden' 9" Dynamic Balance bass driver
    • Dynamic, full-range performance from an extra deep well design
    • Innovative Polk Audio technology in a discrete, easy-to-install package
    • Big sound from speakers you won't see

    About Polk Audio

    For more than four decades, Polk has been defining real American Hi-Fi in their advanced research and development labs in Baltimore, Maryland. Enjoy this small selection of their patented technologies that are a result of those hard-won efforts.



    Dynalink HD Digital Terrestrial Set Top Box

    This DVB-T Terrestrial digital TV receiver features composite and HDMI outputs for HD televisions or connection to a PC monitor or projector at home. It runs off 12V DC power and is under 12cm wide so it is great for caravans, RVs and vehicles too.

    The built-in USB connection allows recording direct to a USB stick, plus playback of photo slideshows, and comes complete with 240V power adaptor, full function remote control (with batteries) and HDMI & composite AV cables.

    Key Features:

    • Fully DVB-T compliant
    • USB PVR ready for recording
    • MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 HP@L4
    • 12V DC operation suitable for use in vehicle/caravan etc
    • Parental lock facility
    • Supports teletext
    • 240V power pack included
    • HDMI and composite outputs (cables included)
    • 7-day electronic program guide (EPG)
    • Multi-language subtitle output supported



    Encore 120" 16:9 CineAcoustiq 4K Fixed Screen

    Fully reflects picture, fully transmits sound.

    The AcoustiWeave 4K material used in this fixed frame projector screen is transparent to sound to the tune of < 1 dB loss from 20Hz to 16kHz, yet offers a solid woven, peforation-free surface for the projected picture to fully reflect to viewers with no moire, minimal light loss and near perfect colour reproduction.

    Key Features:

    • Reference-quality cinema screen
    • Exclusive AcoustiWeave 4K screen material that is near totally acoustically transparent AND optically solid, looks and projects identically to traditional matte white screens
    • Excellent sound performance
    • Near-Perfect neutral in colour, 2% light loss
    • Cleanable mould-resistant fabric
    • Wall mountable
    • Easy installation
    • 80mm Heavy-duty Trinity™ aluminium frame wrapped in premium black velour
    • Gain factor: 1.1


    White Projector Mount Ceiling Bracket

    This quality projector mount comes with 4 arms so it's perfect for mounting the Vivitek projector. It allows you to easily and securely mount your projector to the ceiling and is suitable for flat or angled ceilings. Mounts your projector 200mm from the ceiling (measured from the ceiling to the bottom of the bracket). The choice of 3 or 4 mounting arms offers a wide range of adjustment to suit the majority of modern 3 or 4 point LCD and DLP projectors.

    Key Features:

    • Holds up to 15kgs
    • Supports 3 or 4 mounting holes
    • Full 360-degree rotation
    • Vertical Tilt 30 degree up and down
    • Can be mounted on flat or angled ceilings
    • Easily assembled with the most common fittings provided
    • Cable Management through the center pole



    Selby HDMI 2.0 4K 60Hz UHD SHD4K Cable

    This package includes a long HDMI cable (for running to the projector) and a short cable (for the source device).

    The Selby SHD4K range of Premium HDMI v2.0 cables are certified to be fully compliant with the latest HDMI v2.0 specifications and are produced to a high standard by our HDMI licensed manufacturer. These cables are capable of displaying up to Ultra HD 4K resolutions at 60Hz and are perfect for all modern high-resolution devices.

    Key Features:

    • Supports resolutions up to Ultra HD 4K @ 60Hz - GUARANTEED!
    • HDMI v2.0
    • Support for HDR10 & Dolby Vision (static)
    • Lengths 7m and above feature Active Technology - Tested for use up to 20 metres!
    • Audio Return Channel (ARC) and HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC)
    • Braided external shield looks great and makes installing in walls/ceilings easy


    Subwoofer Cable

    The precise high-frequency capabilities of these subwoofer cables offer a silent, interference-free environment. This design ensures the best aural transmission possible which makes this sub cable an excellent performer. Terminated with gold plated RCA plugs on each end.

    You'll need this to start using your brand-new subwoofer. With 6m included, and a 10m option available, it won't matter where you position your sub in the room.






    16 AWG In-Wall Speaker Cable 100m Roll

    You'll need some quality in-wall speaker cable to hook your discreet system up. Low-friction PVC outer jacket makes it easier to pull the cable through wall/ceiling cavities. It also provides an extra layer of protection against physical damage to the cable. The jacket is easy to strip.

    This Australian-made cable has Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) conductors which can accurately transmit the signal to your speakers for accurate audio reproduction. 

    More Information
    Model Number BUN900850
    RRP 9,211.00

    Epson EH-TW6250 4K Home Theatre Projector


    - Projector
    - 3m power cable
    - remote control + batteries
    - user guide
    - SMP remote control + batteries
    - warranty sheet


    - Light Source: Lamp
    - Resolution: 4K Enhancement* (1920 x 1080 x 2)
    - Colour Light Output: 2,800 lm
    - White Light Output: 2,800 lm
    - Native Aspect Ratio: 16:9
    - Contrast Ratio: 35,000:1
    - Lamp Type: 200W UHE
    - Keystone Correction (Standard Lens): Vertical: ±30°, Horizontal: ±30°
    - Lens Shift (Standard Lens): Vertical: ±60%
    - Colour Processing: 10-bit


    - Zoom: 1 - 1.6 (Optical)
    - Screen Size: 40" to 500"
    - Projection Distance: 80" screen 2.34 m - 3.81 m
    - Throw Ratio: 1.32 (Zoom: Wide), 2.15 (Zoom: Tele)
    - Projection Lens F Number: 1.49 - 1.77
    - Projection Lens Focal Length: 18.2 mm - 29.2 mm
    - Focus Method: Manual


    - Input: Digital: 1 x HDMI (HDCP 2.3) (HDMI supports ARC)
    - USB: I/O: 1 x USB B mini (service)
    - Wireless Connectivity: Included (via SMP)
    - Output: Audio: 1 x Stereo mini


    - Built-in Speaker: 10W
    - High Dynamic Range - HDR10: Yes
    - Hybrid Log Gamma - HLG: Yes
    - 4K Enhancement: Yes
    - Detail Enhancement: Yes
    - Frame Interpolation: Yes
    - Scene Adaptive Gamma: Yes
    - Smart Media Player Embedded: Yes
    - Direct Power On: Yes
    - Colour Modes: Dynamic, Vivid, Natural, Cinema


    - Dimensions D x W x H (including feet): 275 x 333 x 131 mm
    - Weight: 4.1 kg
    - Projector Warranty: 2 Years
    - Lamp Life (Normal/Eco): 4,500 h / 7,500 h
    - Power Consumption: Light Source On: 301W
    - Power Consumption: Energy Saving: 0.3W
    - Noise Level (Normal/Eco): 36 / 28 dB



    Encore 120" 16:9 CineAcoustiq 4K Fixed Screen

    Acoustic transparency:                                <1dB attenuation from 20Hz to 16kHz

    Optical opacity:
                                                  2% light loss

    Aspect ratio:                                                  16:9 widescreen

    Screen size (diagonal):                                 120 inches / 304.8cm

    Screen viewing dimensions (white area):   265.7cm x 149.4cm

    Full outer dimensions (including frame):    281.7cm x 165.4cm

    Width of black border:                                  80mm

    Screen thickness:                                          0.55mm

    Frame thickness:                                           3.68cm

    Viewing angle:                                               165 degrees

    Gain factor:                                                    1.1


    Yamaha RX-V6A


    Channel: 7.2
    Rated Power: 100W (8 ohms, 20hz-20kHz, 0.06 THD)
    Rated Power: 150W (4 ohms, 1kHz, 1ch driven 0.9% THD)
    Speaker Terminals: 9
    High Slew Rate Amplifier: Yes

    Inputs / Outputs

    HDMI In: 7
    HDMI Out: 1
    HDMI 2.1 Compatible Inputs: 3
    4K Support: 4K@60Hz / 4k@120Hz
    8K Support: 8K@60Hz
    Video Upscailing: Upto 4K
    HDR Support: HDR10/HDR10+/Dolby Vision/HLG
    Digital Optical: 1
    Digital Coax: 1
    Analogue: 3 (Inc. Phono)
    XLR: No
    Wi-Fi/Ethernet: Yes (2.4Ghz/5Ghz)
    Bluetooth: Yes
    Airplay 2: Yes
    USB: Yes
    Pre-out: 2.2 (Mono Subwoofer)
    Headphone Output: 1
    Phono: Yes

    Audio Features

    Sound Format: Dolby ATMOS/DTS:X
    Dolby ATMOS Height Virtualization: Yes
    DAC: BurrBrown PCM5102A
    Pure Direct: Yes
    Surround: AI: -
    Powered Multi-Zone: Zone 2 (Analogue + Network Sources)


    MusicCast Multi-room: Yes
    Wireless Surrounds Compatible: Yes
    Airplay 2: Yes
    Streaming Service: Spotify/Tidal/Deezer/Amazon Music/Net Radio
    Voice Control Service: Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant
    Network Control Protocol: YXC (MC Control)
    3rd Party Control (With Drivers): Control 4/RTI/ELAN


    OSD/GUI: OSD (Overlay)
    Video Upconversion (Analog to HDMI): -
    YPAO Automatic Calibration: Yes (R.S.C/Multi)
    Radio Tuner: DAB+/FM


    Standby Power Consumption (IR only): 0.1W
    Auto Power Standby: Yes
    ECO mode: Yes
    Dimensions (W x H x D): 435 x 171 x 377 mm
    With Antenna Up: 435 x 245 x 377 mm
    Weight: 9.8 kg


    Polk 265-RT

    Bass/midrange Driver: 2 x 6.5" (16.51 cm) Dynamic Balance Mineral Composite Polypropylene Cone with Rubber Surround Mid/Woofers
    Tweeter: 1" (2.54 cm) Dynamic Balance Silk Polymer Composite Dome Tweeter
    Driver Enclosure Type: PowerPort Bass Vented
    Total Frequency Response: 30 Hz - 2.7 kHz
    Sensitivity (1 watt @ 1 meter): 90 dB
    Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
    Recommended Amplifier Power: 10 - 200 watts
    Speaker Inputs: Pair of Push Connectors - Gold-Plated
    Available Orientations: Vertical

    Height: 50.32 cm
    Width: 18.42 cm
     9.04 cm


    Polk 255c-RT

    Bass/midrange Driver: 2 x 5.25" (13.34 cm) Dynamic Balance Mineral Composite Polypropylene Cone with Rubber Surround Mid/Woofers
    Tweeter: 1" (2.54 cm) Dynamic Balance Silk Polymer Composite Dome Tweeter
    Driver Enclosure Type: PowerPort Bass Vented
    Total Frequency Response: 30 Hz - 2.7 kHz
    Sensitivity (1 watt @ 1 meter): 90 dB
    Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
    Recommended Amplifier Power: 10 - 150 watts
    Speaker Inputs: Pair of Push Connectors - Gold-Plated
    Available Orientations: Horizontal

    Height: 19.37 cm
    Width: 33.34 cm
     9.84 cm


    Polk 65-RT

    Bass/midrange Driver: 6.5" (16.51 cm) Dynamic Balance Mineral Composite Polypropylene Cone with Rubber Surround Mid/Woofers
    Tweeter: 1" (2.54 cm) Dynamic Balance Silk Polymer Composite Dome Tweeter
    Driver Enclosure Type: PowerPort Bass Vented
    Total Frequency Response: 32 Hz - 2.7 kHz
    Sensitivity (1 watt @ 1 meter): 90 dB
    Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
    Recommended Amplifier Power: 10 - 125 watts
    Speaker Inputs: Pair of Push Connectors - Gold-Plated
    Available Orientations: Vertical

    Height: 32.39 cm
    Width: 18.42 cm
     8.89 cm


    Polk HTS 10

    Subwoofer Array Driver Complement: 10" (25.4 cm) Polypropylene Dynamic Balance and Klippel optimised driver
    Subwoofer Array Driver Enclosure Type: Power Port Bass Vented
    Peak Power: 200 Watts
    Continuous Power: 100 Watts
    Amplifier Class: Class D
    Total Frequency Response: 25 Hz - 180 Hz
    Lower and Upper -3dB Limits: 30 Hz - 120 Hz
    Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
    Audio Inputs: LFE (Unfiltered), Stereo Line Level (2x RCA)

    - Volume +/-
    - Low Pass Filter (30Hz-120Hz)
    - Phase (0/180°)
    - Power: Auto on/off
    - Power: DC control (12V trigger)

    Height: 41.91 cm
    Width: 38.4 cm
    Depth: 40.89 cm

    Weight: 17.12 kg


    Polk 90-RT

    Bass Driver: 9" (22.86 cm) Dynamic Balance Sub with Mineral-Filled Polypropylene Cone
    Midrange Driver: 3.25" (8.26 cm) Dynamic Balance Driver with Mineral-Filled Polypropylene Cone
    Tweeter: 0.75" (1.91 cm) Silk/Polymer Tweeter
    Speaker Inputs: Pair of Push Connectors - Gold-Plated
    Total Frequency Response: 30 Hz - 2.7 kHz
    Sensitivity (1 watt @ 1 meter): 90 dB
    Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
    Recommended Amplifier Power: 10 - 125 watts

    Grille Diameter: 24.46 cm
    Depth: 23.57 cm


    Dynalink HD Digital Terrestrial Set Top Box


    Input Frequency: VHF: 170-230MHz, UHF: 470-860MHz
    RF Input Level: -78 ~ - 20dBm
    RF Bandwidth: 7MHz and 8MHz
    Modulation: QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM, 256QAM


    Decoder Format: MPEG4 AVC/H.264 HP@L4, MPEG2 MP@MP.HL
    Output Format: 480i/480p/576i/576p/720p/1080i/1080p
    Output Port: HDMI, CVBS (Composite)


    Decoder Format: MPEG-1 (layer 1,2,3), WMA, AC3
    Audio Output: Stereo RCA, HDMI

    USB 2.0

    Supported Capacity: 500GB
    Supported Media: MP3, WMA, JPEG, BMP, AVI, MKV


    Supply Voltage: 12V DC
    Power Consumption (Maximum): <10W
    Power Consumption (Standby): <1W
    Remote control batteries: 2 x AAA (included)


    • 125W x 28H x 77Dmm


    Selby 10m Active HDMI Cable

    Length: 10m
    Cable Type: High Speed with Ethernet
    Directional: Yes
    Active: Yes
    Ultra High Resolution: Tested up to 4K (4096 x 2160p)
    3D Support: Yes
    Audio Return Channel (ARC): Yes
    HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC): Yes
    24k Gold Plated: Yes


    Selby 1m HDMI Cable

    Length: 1m
    Cable Type: High Speed with Ethernet
    Directional: No
    Active: No
    HDMI Version: v2.0
    Ultra High Resolution: Tested up to 4K (4096 x 2160p)
    3D Support: Yes
    Audio Return Channel (ARC): Yes
    HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC): Yes
    24k Gold Plated: Yes

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    2 Year Warranty
    This projector (excluding lamp) includes a 2 Year Warranty from Epson Australia. The lamp warranty is 1 Year or 750 hours of use (whichever comes first).

    2 Year Warranty
    Purchase with confidence. This receiver includes a 2 Year Warranty from Yamaha Australia, for your peace of mind.

    Visit the Yamaha Australia website for full warranty details.
    Find your nearest Yamaha authorised service centre.

    3 Years
    These Polk installation speakers include a 3 Year Australian warranty.

    3 Years / 12 Months
    Polk subwoofers include a Limited 1 Year warranty on the electronics, and a Limited 3 Year warranty on the driver

    5 Years
    All Encore Screens fixed projector screens include a 5 Year Australian warranty.

    Exclusive Selby Lifetime Warranty
    We're so confident in the quality of these Selby premium HDMI cables that we'll give you a Lifetime Warranty!

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