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EX DEMO! Raidho C3.2 Floorstanding Speakers Walnut Burl Pair

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We have 1 ex-demo pair of the C3.2 in stunning Walnut Burl finish to clear at our Malvern store, in excellent condition.

Please contact the store directly for further info: (08) 8357 7222.

Three-way, full-range and fully committed, the C3.2 has the extraordinary dynamic and harmonic resolution to bring the most intimate solo voice to life, or to meet the greatest dynamic demands, able to deliver real music from a cabinet that’s at home in real rooms.

Introducing the Raidho C3.2

The Raidho Acoustics C3.2 is a true 3-way speaker design. It is built with a dedicated Raidho Ceramix mid-range driver and three Raidho Ceramix woofers, which are paired up with the Raidho Ribbon Tweeter. The greatest advantage of the 3-way design is that the narrower pass-band of the drivers makes it possible to optimize and tailor them closer to the desired sonic capabilities. The optimization of the drivers makes the moving mass of our mid-range smaller, the membrane lighter and stiffer, and makes it possible to fit the mid-range with a lighter and an even softer spider and surround. This allows for more resolution and better transient handling in the music performance where the mid-range meets the tweeter.

The C3.2 speakers are designed for mid-sized rooms and will enable you to get the very best out of your music collection.

At a glance

• Capable of extraordinary resolution, bandwidth, headroom and power handling
• Robust Ceramix drivers handle incredible levels of continuous, clean power
• Legendary Raidho sealed ribbon tweeter leaves absolutely no fingerprint on the speaker system
• From world-renowned Danish loudspeaker designer, Raidho Acoustics
• From Raidho's legendary C Series
• Beautiful walnut burl finish
• Handmade in Denmark

Ceramix Driver Technology

Raidho’s Ceramix cones are a unique solution to the conflicting demands of superior driver performance. Cone drivers need to be light and stiff (so that they react quickly and they don’t break up within their pass-band) but also well-damped so that they don’t ring and colour the sound. Conventional ceramic cones are certainly light, but they are also highly resonant. Raidho’s Ceramix technology starts with a thin, aluminium cone and then uses a liquid plasma process and incredibly high voltages to transform the outer skin of the metal to aluminium-oxide ceramic. It’s a time-consuming and costly process, but the finished cone is a unique, natural sandwich, with thin, stiff skins on either side of a ‘softer” aluminium core, creating a structure that is stiffer than a pure ceramic cone but with excellent self-damping. By carefully controlling the ratio of ceramic material to core depth, we can also tailor the driver’s response, creating dedicated drive units whose genuinely cutting edge performance eclipses other technologies and approaches.

The heart of the C Series lies in the proprietary three-layer Ceramix cones they use. Their sandwich structure, with its rigid skins and inherent self-damping, creates incredibly fast yet mechanically well-behaved driver diaphragms. Couple them to the powerful, fully vented and underhung OpenPlan motor architecture and you create a unit sensitive enough to reproduce the tiniest micro-dynamic shift in a signal, quick enough to blend seamlessly with the incredibly low-mass, low colouration Raidho ribbon planar tweeter. These driver technologies represent the foundation on which every subsequent Raidho design has rested – but there’s more to a great loudspeaker than just the drive units. Both the cabinet and crossover are critical to a speaker system’s success – and either one can (and often does) compromise the best drive units.

Raidho Ribbon Tweeter

Our proprietary, trademark ribbon tweeter is a unique design, entirely developed and built in-house at Raidho. The aim was to exceed the performance of conventional dome tweeters by reducing mass and increasing transient response. To achieve that we use an incredibly thin membrane that weighs only 0.02 grams, with a voice coil etched directly onto its surface, eliminating not just the peripheral voice-coil used in conventional designs but its former too. Anchored in a strong magnetic field, because the diaphragm is driven across its entire area, its resonance no longer needs to be controlled mechanically, giving a lighter structure. The low moving mass doesn’t just make the diaphragm easier to control and accelerate. Its low stored energy further reduces colouration, while the precision machined wave-guide provides perfect, controlled dispersion. The result is natural, quick, clean high frequencies devoid of slurring, ringing or overhang. The result is more music, more of the time – and a lot less fatigue.

Raidho Open Plan Motor Architecture

Building a driver fast enough to blend seamlessly with the Raidho ribbon tweeter demands more than a light, stiff, low-colouration cone. That cone needs to have a powerful, responsive motor driving it. One look at the segmented motor structure of a Raidho drive unit makes it obvious just what a radical departure from convention it represents. Difficult and demanding to build, the use of a spaced, radial array of magnets, surrounding the open voice coil offers significant performance advantages. It allows us to employ spaced pairs of small but extremely strong neodymium magnets, creating an underhung, push-pull motor system with many times the power that can be produced with large, annular parts. But the open structure also improves venting and cooling of the motor assembly, reducing dynamic compression and back pressure, making for a more responsive, faster driver and one that can handle sustained musical peaks. So, when the musical signal says jump, a Raidho driver doesn’t just ask how high, it asks for how long, too. The result is unprecedented dynamic tracking, preserving the smallest musical nuances and widest orchestral climaxes, delivering recorded music with levels of intimacy and dynamic contrast that you’ll only previously have heard live.

Form and Function – Cabinets That Inspire

The C series cabinets are a masterpiece of effective engineering. They combine a precision machined, low-diffraction baffle that guarantees a stable mechanical and acoustic platform, with a thin-wall, low-mass, curved enclosure that provides both rigidity and low-energy storage. By clamping the enclosure between the front baffle and the substantial rear spine, we create an inherently stiff and well-damped constrained structure that incorporates the mechanically damped, controlled dispersion ports. Add the light-touch second-order crossover design and you have the hallmarks of the classic Raidho blueprint.

The result of all that care and attention to detail? Incredible presence, dynamics and harmonic resolution – loudspeakers with the natural expressive power, integration and lack of compression to deliver convincing musical performances in real-world environments.

Raidho Clamped Cabinet Construction

We use the term ‘loudspeaker system’ for a reason. The best drivers in the world are only as good as the cabinet they’re built into. At Raidho we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that our enclosures contribute as little as possible to proceedings. The drive units are built directly onto the rear of the carefully profiled, machined aluminium baffles, eliminating the mechanical discontinuities introduced by a conventional driver basket at this critical junction. The braced, thin-wall enclosures are formed with curved walls to maximise stiffness and minimize stored energy. They are then securely clamped between the baffle and the substantial spine element, creating a constrained structure, constructed from differential materials to maximise damping, without using high-mass or absorbent materials that store energy and rob the system of life and resolution. By efficiently converting spurious energy to heat, the clamped cabinet minimizes intermodulation distortion and maximizes system clarity and articulation, goals that are reinforced by building the capacitors and inductors used in our crossovers in-house, with special emphasis on their mechanical stability. At Raidho, we go to great lengths to build cabinets and crossovers that you won’t hear, so that crystal clear music is what you will hear.

Raidho C Series - Thoroughbred Performance Through Thoroughbred Design.

This is where it all began. The C Series established both the look and the technological identity of the Raidho brand; from the iconic racetrack rebate of the trademark Raidho ribbon planar tweeter to the Ceramix drivers, with their pale cones that don’t just look different; from the slim elegance of the cabinet proportions to the graceful curvature of the enclosures, so reminiscent of lightweight racing shells and long-ships. It wasn’t just the C Series that was instantly identifiable; once you’d seen the C Series, you’d recognise any Raidho speaker – and that was before you’d even listened to them.

Raidho speakers don’t just look different – they look different because they are different, they’re different for a reason and that difference is performance.

Raidho Acoustics

Evolutionary, Revolutionary and Unique. Raidho Acoustics develops and manufactures loudspeakers for people who appreciate both phenomenal audio and stylish aesthetics. Those who think sound should be remarkable, want their listening experience to be out of the ordinary and expect great looking equipment with an exceptional design and visual expression.

Raidho Acoustics have become world-renowned as leaders in loudspeaker design, developing new technologies, creating musical masterpieces and recreating musical masterworks. If you're not yet convinced, the following technologies and development philosophies, all present in the XT-5, should give you some indication of why.





More Information
Model Number C3.2WALBL
RRP 63,499.00

Topology: 3 Way
Vented design Port in rear panel
Freq. response:
30 Hz – 50 kHz
Impedance: >5 ohm
Sensitivity: 88 dB 2.83 V/m
Crossover: 150 kHz, 3 kHz 2. order
Amplification: 100 - 300 Watts (Though we have seen excellent results with small tube amplifiers)

Drive units:
1x sealed ribbon tweeter
1x 5" (100mm) Ceramix mid-range driver
3x 6.5" (115mm) Ceramix bass drivers

Finish: Walnut burl veneer

Size (WxHxD): 200 x 1235 x 465 mm (320 x 1320 x 500 mm incl. spikes)
Weight: 53 Kg

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