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TV 2.1 Vincent & Scansonic Amp and Speakers Pack


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As low as $4,304

RRP $4,814

• Attractive way to get hifi quality sound from your TV

• Subwoofer brings depth to your films and TV shows

• Connect to your TV via HDMI ARC for immersive sound

• Slim On-Wall speakers; reduces ugly speaker boxes taking up floor space

• Stream from popular music services or your favourite music app

• Clean robust powerful 60W per channel (8 Ohms)

• Exceptional audio & value for money in an ultra-compact package

• Quick & easy to setup and operate

• Easily add a CD player or turntable (may need a phono preamp)

• Sleek and compact design for convenient placement

• Expandable to multizone audio with additional Wiim products

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TV 2.1 Vincent & Scansonic Amp and Speakers Pack
TV 2.1 Vincent & Scansonic Amp and Speakers Pack

In stock



    TV 2.1 Vincent & Scansonic Amp and Speakers Pack

    This TV audio package brings HiFi quality sound to your TV listening experience. Connect your TV to the slim streaming amplifier and get high quality 2.1 stereo sound, backed up by 12" powerful subwoofer.

    The on-wall speakers are ideal for mounted TV's providing engaging audio positioned close to the screen. Being on-wall speakers also means the speakers are up out of the way providing a cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing look.

    The Vincent integrated amplifier is a true hifi quality amplifier and will provide ample power and rich detailed sound for years to come!

    What's Included:

    Vincent SV-500 Integrated Amplifier
    Scansonic M On-Wall Speakers Pair
    Scansonic L12 SUB 12" Subwoofer
    WiiM Pro Wireless Hi-Res Audio Streamer
    25m 16AWG In-Wall Speaker Cable SIW1625
    3m ISIX Subwoofer Cable IQC8803

    Vincent SV-500 Integrated Amplifier

    The Vincent SV-500 is a remote-controlled stereo integrated amplifier that nails the balance between affordability and high performance. Backed by plenty of power and boasting hybrid tube & transistor amplification, this unit delivers a sound beyond its size and price tag.

    Consistent with the rest of the M Series, the high-resolution ribbon tweeter, in combination with the equally-impressive 4" Honeycomb enforced glass-fibre cone, delivers an open and detailed sound with extraordinarily low levels of distortion.

    Key Features:

    • 2-way wall-mount speaker pair
    • High-resolution ribbon tweeters
    • Honeycomb enforced 4" glass-fibre cones
    • Removable, oval front grilles
    • Ultra-slim, only 10.7cm deep
    • Authentic Scandinavian design

    Hybrid Technology

    The SV-500 is designed to be a compact unit that offers plenty of punch. The main focus of Vincent's development on this unit has been on the amplifier circuitry, which combines the advantages of both transistor and valve amplifiers. Warm and smooth tube sound combined with transistor dynamics and power. The SV-500 sets new standards in the world of hybrid stereo amplifiers.

    Audio signals are processed by two 6N1 tubes and a larger 12AX7 tube, then amplified by four Toshiba transistors at the output. With the tubes operating in the preamp stage where they do the most good, they also avoid becoming stressed and therefore damaged. The solid-state processing works in the end stages to deliver the power output required to effectively drive your speakers.

    Plenty of Connection Options

    The SV-500 features a total of 4x Analogue Stereo RCA inputs, as well as 2x digital inputs in the form of Toslink & Coaxial connections, so you can plug you TV in via stereo RCA or Optical and still have inputs available for a Blu-ray player, CD player or Turntable (requires a phono pre-amp). The SV-500 is capable of providing the pure sound that is demanded of high-end units, and have the connection options to match.


    Scansonic HD M On-Wall

    The Scansonic M On-Wall is a two-way multi-purpose speaker which offers high-fidelity sound and versatile installation, making it equally suitable for home cinema and hifi applications.

    Consistent with the rest of the M Series, the high-resolution ribbon tweeter, in combination with the equally-impressive 4" Honeycomb enforced glass-fibre cone, delivers an open and detailed sound with extraordinarily low levels of distortion.

    Key Features:

    • 2-way wall-mount speaker pair
    • High-resolution ribbon tweeters
    • Honeycomb enforced 4" glass-fibre cones
    • Removable, oval front grilles
    • Ultra-slim, only 10.7cm deep
    • Authentic Scandinavian design


    Ribbon Tweeters

    The M On-Wall speakers feature the same Kapton/aluminium sandwich membrane sealed ribbon tweeter that can be found in Scansonic's higher-priced MB-Series. This high-resolution tweeter promises an extremely fast, vivid and wide frequency response, allowing for an exceptionally open and detailed sound at the top end of the frequency spectrum.

    It was clear to Scansonic from the very beginning, that some core techniques from the Raidho speakers would be of great importance: The speakers had to be designed around a ribbon tweeter that works with at super lightweight diaphragm that is sealed around the edges to allow for a seamless transition to the midrange region.


    Glass Fibre Cones

    The M-Series speakers feature even more agile, open and three-dimensional midrange, along with a cleaner, faster and more deeply visceral bass with a more significant punch and attack. These improvements are thanks to the refined midrange/bass drivers that feature advanced honeycomb-enforced glass-fibre cones, combined with a powerful magnet system.

    Scansonic HD L12 SUB

    The L12 SUB is a 200 watt, 12" active subwoofer with adjustable cross-over and bass extension. The cabinet is matched to the rest of the L Series family in your choice of Theatre Black, White or Walnut vinyl wraps. The L12 SUB also features auto-standby and signal pass-through.

    Key Features:

    • 200 Watts Active Power
    • Large 12" woofer
    • Adjustable Cross-over Frequency
    • Adjustable bass extension
    • Authentic Scandinavian design

    Take Control

    The L12 SUB allows adjustments for Crossover Frequency, Bass Extension, and of course Volume, so you can get the perfect amount of rumble from your films and music. There is also an RCA out connector for daisy-chaining multiple subwoofers together!


    The Scansonic L series speakers come in 3 finishes; a stealthy home theatre style Theatre Black, a light modern lifestyle look in textured White and a classic home hi-fi vibe in Walnut.


    About Scansonic HD

    It would be impossible to introduce Scansonic without first mentioning Raidho. Having worked with Raidho speakers for more than 12 years, this Danish group of engineers and designers found themselves facing a completely new challenge when they were tasked with creating a new range of high-performance speakers for the Scansonic brand.

    From the start, Scansonic's team were dedicated to building on all the experiences and strengths obtained from designing the Raidho speakers. At the same time, they also had to be aware of the long heritage and the Nordic design tradition of the Scansonic brand. The ultimate goal was to create the very best possible speakers within reasonable financial limits.





    WiiM Pro Hi-Res Wireless Audio Streamer

    WiiM Pro is the audiophile grade big brother music streamer to the ever popular WiiM Mini. With AirPlay 2, Chromecast, DLNA, Spotify Connect, TIDAL Connect, lossless audio playback, Alexa and multi-room audio, the WiiM Pro turns your existing Hi-Fi system smart, so you can play all your favourite music from your music app, the WiiM App or your voice by using Alexa, Google Voice or Siri all in the highest possible sound fidelity.

    With support for top music streaming services including Spotify, iHeartRadio, Tidal, Qobuz, Amazon Prime Music, Napster, Deezer, with more to come, as well as Airplay 2, Bluetooth, WiFi & an analogue AUX in jack, the WiiM Pro defies it's size with audio features!

    The WiiM Pro offers the same great features as the WiiM Mini, whilst also adding:

    • Ethernet
    • Chromecast Audio support
    • Alexa Multiroom
    • Google Voice Assistant Compatibility
    • Upgraded Quadcore Processer
    • Upgraded 512MB Memory
    • Optical Input

    Full Feature Set

    • Supports Hi-Res audio up to 192 kHz/24 bit
    • Wireless Multi-room audio - group multiple units for a connected system
    • Spotify Connect & Tidal Connect
    • Airplay 2
    • Ethernet connection
    • Chromecast Audio
    • Alexa Multiroom with UHD
    • Group with Nest speakers and Display

    • Line-in & Optical audio inputs
    • Line-out, Optical & Coax audio outputs
    • Dual band WiFi & Bluetooth 5.0
    • Super easy setup with the WiiM Home app
    • Works with Siri & Alexa smart devices
    • Group with Homepod & Amazon Echo devices
    • USB power adaptor and USB-C cable included
    User Manual (920KB, PDF)


    “If there's one thing the WiiM Pro offers, it's plenty of connections -- both physical and of the streaming variety. The back of the unit includes analogue and optical digital in and out jacks, plus a coaxial digital out. This is in addition to a USB-C power input, a microphone for multiroom audio synchronization, an Ethernet port and a 12-volt trigger.”

    Ty Pendlebury, CNET.
     Read the full review


    Optionally Upgrade To The Wiim Pro Plus!
    The Wiim Pro Plus offers many further improvements and upgrades over the Wiim Pro and also includes the Wiim Voice Remote Control unit.

    Additional Benefits of Wiim Pro Plus include:
    • Better ADC for Line Input - TI Burr-Brown Audio PCM1861 ADC, for 192kHz/32-bit digital output, 110 dB SNR
    • Ultra-low Noise Clock, Power, and Circuit Design - achieves less than –110dB THD+N
    • AKM DAC & TI OP AMP for Better Line-Out Audio Quality
    • New generation AKM 4493SEQ premium DAC with AKM's Velvet Sound Technology
    • Supports up to 768 kHz PCM, and DSD512, with PCM/DSD automatic switching
    • Achieves 120 dB (A-wt) SNR, THD+N of 0.00032% (-110 dB) from 44.1k to 192k
    • WiiM Voice Remote Control included


    High-Res Audio

    The WiiM Pro supports playback of Hi-Res lossless audio content from services such as TIDAL, Qobuz, Amazon Music, Deezer and more. It supports up to 192kHz, 24-bit audio output via the optical line out.

    The integrated TI stereo DAC provides high quality analogue audio output with 106-dB SNR, and -92dB THD+N performance, outstanding in all audio categories.

    Gapless Playback

    Precise gapless playback can be very important to your listening experience. With precise gapless playback, the playback timing is guaranteed to be identical to the source. The WiiM Pro will not introduce gaps or overlaps (crossfading) between successive "continuous" tracks such as live recordings or concept albums.


    Easy Setup

    1. Download the "WiiM Home" App (iOS and Android supported).
    2. Press the ► button on your device until the LED is white and blinking.
    3. Tap the "Set up" button on the popup showing your device.
    4. Follow the steps in the App to set up your device.

    Follow the easy to use guide:



    Cheap Audio Man WiiM Pro YouTube Review Darko Audio WiiM Pro YouTube Review


    Google Chromecast Audio

    Stream music, TV audio, radio station, podcast and local content from Chromecast-enabled apps to one or multiple audio devices at the same time. Use Google voice assistant in your phone, speaker and TV to control music playback.

    10-band graphic EQ and 26 preset EQ

    Twenty-six preset EQ gives you various choices to meet your specific listening needs. The preset EQ includes EQ choices from music genres, bass/treble adjustment, loudness, movie, gaming or speech enhancement etc. You can also custom your own with the 10-band graphic EQ for your room or taste.

    Multiroom and stereo pairing

    The WiiM Pro features perfect audio synchronization and seamless device control via the companion App allowing you to group multiple devices together to create a complete connected system throughout your home. Through careful hardware and software optimisation, the WiiM Pro can achieve less than 150uS (0.00015s!) synchronisation accuracy among speakers as long as the speakers are on the same wireless network. Thus, your speaker system can be located wherever your Wi-Fi network covers.

    In addition, you can join two speakers each connected to a WiiM Pro as a stereo pair for a wider, more immersive sound stage.


    Auto calibration of audio delay

    Any connected receiver or speaker may introduce audio path latency due to the different hardware, software or DSP processing involve in that device. To maintain the synchronisation of each system, the WiiM Pro can measure the audio path delay automatically. By leveraging the on-device microphone and proprietary algorithm, the entire audio path latency is measured automatically when it's connected with a receiver or speaker. The latency value will be adjusted to maintain the perfect audio synchronisation in wireless multi-room or multi-channel playback.

    Adaptive EQ

    When the WiiM Pro's Adaptive EQ is enabled, the music genre information and other tags included in the audio content's meta data are used to adjust the EQ in real time - either bringing rich audio to capture every music detail or making human voices clearer in podcasts.


    All contents in one App

    The WiiM Home app supports many top music streaming services including: Spotify, iHeartRadio, Tidal, Amazon Prime Music, Napster, Deezer, & more to come.

    It's more convenient than ever to have your music and device control in one place. With the WiiM Home app, you can easily browse all your favourite music services without jumping between multiple apps. Enjoy your favourite audio from all services in one single App. Additionally, you can control the device EQ, setup a music alarm, and create a personalised routine via the WiiM home app.



    Music Alarm

    Wake up to, or sleep with your favourite music, radio station, or podcast online. The WiiM Home app slowly adjusts the volume during a music alarm or sleep timer for better a sleep and rise.

    Automate Your Routines

    Use the WiiM Home App to help establish regular sleep habits by setting a wakeup alarm or creating a sleep timer with your favourite music, radio station, or podcast. Use the app to cater the volume and play time you prefer for better sleep and waking up refreshed.


    More Information
    Model Number BUN901054
    RRP 4,814.00

    WiiM Amp Streaming Integrated Amplifier

    - Finish: Aluminium
    - Colour: Spacy Grey
    - Controls: Volume Knob, play/pause, and more
    - LED: Status, Volume
    - Power: 60 Watts/channel @ 8 ohms, 120 Watts/channel @ 4 ohms
    - Speaker Output: Stereo or dual mono
    - Home Theatre Audio Formats: Stereo PCM (Dolby Digital and DTS are not supported)
    - Audio Input: HDMI Arc, Optical, RCA Line in
    - Audio Output: Passive Speaker Terminal, Subwoofer Output
    - Audio Output Quality: SNR - 98 dB, THD+N - 0.002% (-92 dB)
    - Audio Format: MP3, AAC, ALAC, APE, FLAC, AIFF, WAV, WMA, OGG
    - EQ: Preset, 10-band Graphics EQ, 4-band parametric EQ
    - Subwoofer Output: Auto-detecting cable insert, user-adjustable 30-200 Hz crossover
    - Power Supply: 100-240V 50/60Hz AC Power
    - Network: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac Dual band, 10/100 Mbps LAN
    - Bluetooth: BT 5.1, A2DP Sink and Source, AVRCP, BLE HID
    - Supported Streaming Protocols: AirPlay 2, Chromecast, Spotify Connect, TIDAL Connect, Alexa Cast, DLNA
    - Dimensions: 190 mm x 190 mm x 63 mm
    - Weight: 1.84 kg


    Scansonic L On-Wall Speakers Pair

    - Size (WxHxD): 210mm x 320mm x 110mm (Deep incl. wall bracket / grill)
    - Weight: 3.35 kg
    - Freq. response: 55Hz – 20KHz
    - Impedance: 8 ohm (4 ohm min.)
    - Crossover: 3KHz (2 Order)
    - Principle: 2-Way Bass-reflex loaded
    - Sensitivity: 88DB
    - Enclosure: Wall support, front-firing ports

    - Drive units:
        - 1 x 1" silk dome neodymium tweeter
        - 1 x 4" kevlar enforced cone woofer

    - Finish (vinyl wrap): Black, White, Walnut
    - Amplification: We recommend high-quality 10 – 120 W amplifiers


    Scansonic L8 Subwoofer

    - Size (H x W x D): 303 x 270 x 285 mm
    - Weight: 11kg
    - Power: 100 Watts RMS
    - Freq. response: Adjustable 30 - 160 Hz
    - Principle: Active Subwoofer

    - Drive units:
       - 1 x 200mm long throw woofer

    - Finish (vinyl wrap): Black, White, Walnut


    WiiM Pro Wireless Audio Streamer

    Dimensions: 140 x 140 x 42mm
    Weight: 330g
    Audio Codec: MP3, AAC, ALAC, APE, FLAC, WAV, WMA, OGG
    Wi-Fi & Ethernet: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac dual band Wi-Fi, Ethernet (100M)
    Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0, SBC and AAC codec, BT receiver and transmitter
    Audio Input: Line in, SPDIF in
    Audio Output: Line out, SPDIF out and Coaxial out

    Line-in: 1Vrms

    Line out:

    Line in to Line out:
    - Power Output=2Vrms
    - THD+N Ratio=0.009%
    - SNR=102dB
    - Crosstalk=-106dB
    - Dynamic Range=96dB

    BT in to Line out:
    - Power Output=2Vrms
    - THD+N Ratio=0.009%
    - SNR=102dB
    - Crosstalk=-106dB
    - Dynamic Range=96dB

    SPDIF out:
    Line in to SPDIF out:
    - Power Output=-3dBFS
    - THD+N Ratio=0.005%
    - SNR=102dB
    - Crosstalk=-103dB
    - Dynamic Range=97dB

    BT in to SPDIF out:
    - Power Output=0dBFS
    - THD+N Ratio=0.005%
    - SNR=297dB
    - Crosstalk=-364dB
    - Dynamic Range=213dB

    Power Supply: 5V, 1.5A
    LED: Three colour status LED - Red, Green and White
    Buttons: Capacitive touch - Play/Pause, Volume+, Volume-, 1x Preset

    What's in the box?
    - Wiim Pro
    - USB power adapter
    - USB Type-C Cable
    - RCA to RCA Cable
    - Optical Cable
    - User manual


    16AWG In-Wall Speaker Cable SIW1625

    - Length: 25 metres
    - Wire Gauge: 16 AWG
    - Nominal Area of Wire: 1.5mm^2 per core
    - Insulation Thickness: 0.5mm
    - Outer Diameter: 7.1mm
    - Resistance: 13.3 ohm/km @ 20° C
    - PVC Jacket: Blue outer jacket (red and black inner jackets)
    - Packaging: Cable comes on a spool for easy dispensing


    ISIX Pro HQ Subwoofer Cable IQC8803

    - Ferrite cores to help protect signal integrity
    - 24k gold plated Connectors
    - True 75 ohm, OFC Cable
    - Dual Shielding
    - Moulded Full Metal Connectors for extra strength

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